GRV Open The Kennels At All Clubs & GAP Property For Bushfire Evacuees

As we've reported several times, several Greyhound Racing Tracks in Victoria have been used in these extreme circumstances to provide emergency kennelling for greyhounds who need to be evacuated due to bushfire threat.

So far we have seen Greyhound Racing Club provide emergency accomodation for 250 greyhounds over the weekend, Greyhound Racing Club has provided refuge for many trainers and Greyhound Racing Club was used by to evacuate and his kennel-mates from fire threat early Saturday morning.

Australian Racing Greyhound has just learned the GRV's Seymour GAP property is also providing emergency homes for many greyhounds from fire affected areas, including the devastated areas around the “Kinglake Complex”.

This afternoon, Greyhound (GRV) has officially recognised its role in helping and assisting greyhounds and and breeders in need, by making all 14 of its Greyhound Racing Clubs and the Seymour GAP property officially open and available for greyhounds that need emergency kenelling during the current bushfire crisis.

Anyone wishing to use the GAP Seymour property as an emergency refuge for their greyhounds is advised to contact at the GRV on 8329 1102 in the first instance. Please do not ring the GAP property unless absolutely necessary.

Anyone wishing to use any of the Greyhound Race Track kennels is asked to the contact GRV directly on 8329 1100 if you require the use of these kennels.

Anyone likely to be impacted by is advised to abide by CFA guidlelines and to evacuate any greyhounds well ahead of any impending fire threat.

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