GRV Take Hardest Stance Yet On Victoria’s First Anabolic Steroid Positive

As reported here recently, has officially now recorded its first positive swab to an Anabolic Steroid, and if greyhound industry watchers thought GRV might take a soft approach to those caught under the new rules; they are dead wrong.

Devon Meadows greyhound trainer John Carr is responsible for Victoria’s first Anabolic Steroid positive swab and GRV Stewards have taken a hard line, handing out the longest disqualification of any state so far for a similar offence.

GRV Stewards today finalised an in to the circumstances pertaining to the post-race urine sample taken from the greyhound ‘’ at the Warragul GRC meeting held on 21st October 2008 indicating the presence of the drug 6α-Hydroxystanozolol, a metabolite of Stanozol.

On that day Master dead heated for first with to win his first race in thirteen attempts, starting a $3.50 favourite. Bond Master is yet to win or be placed again in a further five race starts.

GRv Stewards Brian Williams and B. Smith heard evidence from Mr. A. Mills (GRV Steward), Dr. J. Vine (RASL), Dr. Alistair Smith (Veterinary ), greyhound trainer Mr. John Carr and another licensed person.

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. John Carr with breach of GAR 83(2)(3) in that he did fail to produce the greyhound Bond Master free of any drug for an Event at the Warragul GRC on 21 October 2008, given that a post-race urine sample be taken from the greyhound indicated the presence of the drug 6α-Hydroxystanozolol.

Mr. John Carr pleaded guilty to the charge.

GRV Stewards found Mr. John Carr guilty as charged and disqualified his licence for a period of 11 months, commencing midnight 20th December 2008.

GRv Stewards also disqualified Bond Master from his winning run in Race 2 at the Warragul GRC meeting on the 21st October 2008, leaving Fly Wheel Shazza as the sole winner.

Carr’s 11 month disqualification is the longest so far handed out by any state authority, with the NSW so far handing out it’s longest penalty of an an Anabolic Steroid posititive swab at 6 months and Stewards handing out one penalty of 6 months.

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