GWIC announces Cobalt and Arsenic Prevention plan

The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission has announced a program where the Commission will notify greyhound racing industry trainers if racing swab samples taken from their greyhounds return legal but near-threshold levels of or .

Under the Rules of Racing, cobalt and arsenic are above specified thresholds. The Commission is keen to assist participants to avoid exceeding these thresholds.

Chief Executive Officer, , said notifying participants when their greyhound returned levels of cobalt and arsenic that approach the threshold in urine, will enable the participants to change their husbandry practices to avoid exceeding these prohibited substance thresholds.

“Trainers who approach the threshold will receive a phone call and/or letter advising them that they have had a urine swab approaching threshold within the last month,” Ms Lind said.

“They will be encouraged to review their husbandry practices, check the substance levels in their food and address their supplement and medication practices in order to avoid potential positive swabs.”

“The Commission recognises that this program is a proactive strategy that may assist participants in complying with the ,” Ms Lind said.

“It is also important that if a greyhound is returning a urine level of cobalt or arsenic that is approaching the threshold, that we assist trainers by ensuring they are taking appropriate measures to address any potential inadvertent breach of the Racing Rules.

“Those trainers who breach the threshold will be subject to disciplinary procedures under the Rules of Racing regardless of whether any notification has or has not taken place.”

The Commission also took the opportunity to remind trainers of their obligations under the rules to present their greyhounds to race free of prohibited substances.

The notification threshold program will begin with swabs taken from April 2019 onward and trainers should be notified of any results over the threshold within three to four weeks of the sample being taken.

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