Heston Bale & Spud Regis Both Definite Adelaide Cup Final Starters

As reported in an update to the Dailly tragic accident last Friday by Australian Racing Greyhound, both Heston Bale and will take their places in the Group 1 Adelaide Cup final.

Greyhound Racing South Australia () today confirmed that as of 2:30pm had advised them that “it remained the intention of the Dailly kennel that both greyhounds would contest the final.”

And that “both Heston Bale and Spud Regis would take their place in tomorrow night's 1 final and that the kennel was unconditionally satisfied with their readiness to race.”

Concerns were held for the future racing careers of both greyhounds as the accident that claimed the life Dailly's other Adelaide Cup finalist Mac, had left many of the greyhounds in the trailer bruised and shaken.

But from reports, the early signs were always good that both greyhounds would start in tomorrow night's final, and although it remains uncertain if they have trialled between races, both have been working in the runs to the satisfactions of the Dailly's.

GRSA have advised that they have been in constant contact with the Dailly kennel regarding the fitness of their two finalists Heston Bale and Spud Regis and, as is normal procedure, both greyhounds will be inspected at kenneling time and prior to the running of the Cup final.

The trained Quo Vadis, as first reserve, will take the place of the ill-fated Big Black Mac from box 6.

Meanwhile, concerns over the welfare of Lektra Ottens have intensified since he eluded searchers on Monday evening.

The up and coming young 34kg greyhound, who had already won $54,000 in prizemoney and was only 2.5 years old; hasn't been sighted since Sunday and has now been “on the run” for almost a week.

For the first few days he had been able to find food from a considerate local near the accident site, but despite attempts to locate him, he has been “off the radar” since.

Neighbouring farms to sightings of “Ottens” have all been notified and continued attempts are being made to try and find him and bring him home to the home of his owner and breeder .

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