Brett Lee and Awesome Assassin lead the charge on Egg breeding

WITH the 26th running of the set down for this Saturday night, I thought it worth looking back at the breeding lines of the winners of the great race to see how much influence previous winners, and other finalists in the event, have had on future successes. That is, what winners have either been sired by or are related to previous Egg victors or starters.

As it turns out, there's not much of a relationship between any previous winner of the Egg and its progeny, apart from the mighty sprinter and super-sire , who took out the 2001 Egg final.

Brett Lee has had an influence on the winners of two Egg finals. Working backwards, the 2014 Egg victor, , was by Bartrim Bale out of Coulta Gold. Bartrim Bale was by Hallucinate, who was by Brett Lee, thereby giving Tonk an Egg ‘link' via his grand-sire.

Then there's a gap back to the 2010 winner (Spiral Nikita x Spiritual Rumble). Once again it is Brett Lee who provides the Egg link, being the sire of Spiritual Rumble.

The only other greyhound to have exerted much of an influence on the Egg is Awesome Assassin. The former Victorian champion was a finalist in the 1998 Egg, finishing fourth behind the great .

The 2009 winner ( x Dana Betty) has Awesome Assassin as her paternal grand-sire.

Paua To Burn, the 2005 winner, was sired by Awesome Assassin (out of Alice Dooley), thereby giving her sire the victory he could not achieve.

The influence of both Brett Lee and Awesome Assassin was highly evident in the 2014 final. As mentioned above, Tonk was a grand-son of Brett Lee. As well, the runner-up Hawk Alone had Brett Lee as a maternal grand-sire, while seventh placed Magic Display not only boasted Brett Lee in her bloodlines (as paternal grand-sire) but also had Rapid Journey as her maternal grand-sire.

Four of the other finalists in last years final had Awesome Assassin in their bloodlines: Buckle Up Wes and Evil Punk (as paternal grand-sire), Jordan Allen (as maternal grand-sire) and Ollie Bale (as maternal great-great grand-sire).

This year's final field is continuing the Brett Lee and Awesome Assassin connection, with seven runners related to the former and the other to the latter.

Brett Lee features as the maternal great-great grand-sire of Dawkins Bale and is the maternal great grand-sire of Zipping Midge.

Over Limit is by the 2010 winner Cosmic Rumble, so once again Brett Lee is involved, as paternal great grand-sire.

Recruitment and Ronray Spirit are also sired by Cosmic Rumble and therefore boast Brett Lee in their bloodlines, three lines back.

is by , whose dam has Brett Lee as her grand-sire.

Dyna Nico is unique out of the eight finalists this year, being by High Earner, which made two successive Egg finals (2010 and 2011) but failed in both. Awesome Assassin features as well, being the paternal grand-sire of High Earner. So, Dyna Nico will be attempting to do what both her sire and great-grand-sire could not, and that is win a Golden Easter Egg.

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James Weise
James Weise
9 years ago

Andrew alfie has awesome assassin in him

James Weise
James Weise
9 years ago

Andrew alfie has awesome assassin in him