In the stewards’ room: Inquiry into shooting greyhounds adjourned

THE Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) has adjourned an inquiry in relation to Victorian trainer Simon Green, who is alleged to have shot dead two of his greyhounds, Spanish Cloud and Spanish Berry, around July 2014.

During the investigation, stewards gathered evidence from Green and subsequently charged him with a breach of Greyhounds Australiasia Rule 86(o) in that being the owner of the aforementioned greyhounds, he did engage in misconduct by shooting them.

The matter was heard before the RADB on February 10, 2015. While Green failed to attend the hearing, evidence was given by Greg Huntington (GRV Manager Investigations – representing the stewards panel) who provided material to the board in relation to the issues surrounding the euthanasia of greyhounds and the public perception of actions such as those alleged of Green.

The RADB adjourned the inquiry to a date yet to be confirmed.

Also in Victoria and on February 7, stewards conducted an inquiry into an alleged verbal altercation between trainers Joe Borg and Ben Divirgilio at Sandown Park on December 4, 2014.

Evidence was heard from both men as well as GRV atewards Ms D.Barber and Mr I. Kennedy. Borg was charged with a breach of Greyhounds Australiasia Rule 86(q) in that he spoke in an inappropriate manner to Divigilio which was seen to be detrimental to the image of greyhound racing.

Borg pleaded not guilty due to provocation, but was ultimately found guilty by stewards and fined $200.

South Australia

Licensed person Michael Stewart has been fined $400 and had a three-month disqualification suspended for 24 months after pleading guilty to improper behaviour at Angle Park on New Year’s Eve. Stewards held an inquiry on January 30 after complaints to Greyhound Racing SA Stewards about Stewart’s behaviour.

Stewards will also be inquiring into a breath analysis reading taken at the meeting. Stewart was charged with a breach of Greyhound Racing Rules 86 (o) and 86 (p). The date of the inquiry into the breath analysis is to be advised.


Greyhound Racing NSW have advised that they have recently received notification from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory that four greyhounds have returned positive swabs to banned substances.

Sandave Spirit, trained by Nathan Goodwin, was found to have caffeine and its metabolites in a post-race urine sample obtained after it won the Gosford Signs Blitz Heat at Gosford on September 5, 2014.

On October 2, 2014, a post-race sample was taken from Paul Gallagher’s Kingsbrae County after it won the Take The Kitty @ Stud Maiden at Grafton, with the results showing a presence of both caffeine and theobromine.

At Wentworth Park on October 10, 2014, Saffron Ice, which is trained by Lynne Aldous, was swabbed after claiming the Stake, with the result coming back showing a positive result to diclofenac, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Also, after winning the Battlers Trophy Final at Kempsey on November 4, 2014, the Margaret Campbell-trained Potenza has returned a positive swab sample to morphine.

Each trainer has been notified of the readings and will have to await further action with the matter now proceeding having regard to the protocols established under GRNSW’s penalty guideline system.

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