In the Stewards room: Live-baiting trainer inquires to commence

GREYHOUND Racing New South Wales () announced on Friday that the inquiries surrounding suspended participants who are alleged to have been involved in the practice of live baiting will commence next week. The first to face the is Zeke Kadir, who ran the popular break-in facility ‘Wilshire Park' where secret surveillance cameras exposed footage of live animals being tied to the to entice greyhounds to chase. He has been directed to attend his at GRNSW's Rhodes office at 10am Monday, March 30.

The other inquiries involve registered participants who are believed to have been caught on the video evidence provided to GRNSW. They are as follows:

  • Donna Grech – Tuesday March 31 at 1pm
  • – Tuesday March 31 at 4pm
  • John Cauchi – Wednesday April 1 at 10am
  • David Sundstrom – Wednesday April 1 at 1pm
  • – Wednesday April 1 at 4pm
  • Majella Ferguson – Thursday April 9 at 11am

On Monday, GRNSW made the decision to scratch four greyhounds trained by Lisa McFarlane which were engaged to compete at after she and were issued with a seven-day work directive in regards to the condition of their training facility following on from a routine kennel inspection.

On the same day, GRNSW Stewards completed their inquiries into the analyst's findings after a urine sample taken from Flying Fabulous after it won at Goulburn on April 15 2014 was found to contain the banned substance 6-alpha-.

The inquiry initially commenced during December last year, but was adjourned twice.

Evidence was given by trainer Sean Bailey, trainer Kim Mulrine, attendant Andrew Mulrine, trainer Alan Ivers and Dr Adam Cowley from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL). Written evidence was provided by ARFL Senior Veterinarian Dr Carig Suann, the ARFL, Racing Analytical Services VIC, and from GRNSW.

After considering the evidence given, it was determined the greyhound Flying Fabulous had been under the care of Bailey at the times associated with the findings of the prohibited substance in the urine sample. The greyhound had been taken to Mulrine's property for re-education due to bad box behaviour where it was left for three days prior to the race in question.

No evidence was supplied as to the reasons for the findings in the urine sample, with GRNSW Stewards failing to find any substance containing stanozolol at the properties of Bailey or Mulrine.

As a result, Bailey pleased guilty to failing to present Flying Fabulous free of a prohibited substance and he was subsequently disqualified for a period of five months.

Flying Fabulous was disqualified from the event and the placings were amended accordingly.

IN TASMANIA, owner-trainer Ricki Donaldson has been disqualified for a period of seven years effective from March 24, 2015, through to midnight March 23, 2022. An inquiry was held resulting from an unannounced stewards inspection at Donaldson's registered property where a greyhound was found to be in poor condition. The RSPCA was notified and a veterinary surgeon attended where the decision was made to humanely euthanise the greyhound. Donaldson was found guilty of a breach of Greyhounds Australiasia (GAR) rule 86(q) which reads:

A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person commits or omits to do any act or engages in conduct which is in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, welfare, image, control or promotion of greyhound racing.

IN VICTORIA, trainer Grahame Connell appealed to the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RABD) against a decision handed down by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Stewards at Shepparton on the February 12, 2015, where he was found guilty and fined $250 for negligence after presenting the wrong greyhound entered to race. He later returned to the track with the correct greyhound. After hearing Connell's case, the RADB decided to dismiss the appeal on the basis that it had no jurisdiction. Under Local Rule 23 and Sections 83J and 83K of the Racing Act the RADB cannot determine an appeal without the direction of the Racing Commissioner where the Appeal is in regards to a fine of $250 or less.

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