John Barilaro the favourite to become the next NSW Deputy Premier

JOHN Barilaro (pictured) has shortened into $1.40 with Sportsbet to become the next NSW National Party leader and Deputy Premier after Troy Grant’s resignation announcement on Tuesday.

Grant’s announcement follows a poor result at the Orange by-election, with the NSW Party expected to lose the seat for the first time since 1947 following a range of contentious issues such as council amalgamations and the .

The focus is now on Monaro MP John Barilaro, who is expected to be announced as the new leader at a party room meeting on Tuesday.

Barilaro was $2.75 to become the next Nationals leader as of Monday morning when it was touted by several leading news sources that a leadership spill would take place at Tuesday’s meeting, however with Grant announcing his resignation, Barilaro’s price has been crunched into $1.40.

It is expected Troy Grant will remain in politics following his resignation, with the odds of him staying as the MP $1.25, while the odds of Dubbo holding a by-election prior to the next state election are at $3.50.

“Troy Grant has now fallen on his sword, taking ultimate responsibility for poor showing in ,” said Sportsbet’s Ben Bulmer.

“The current member for Monaro, John Barilaro, looks to have the numbers, with the odds suggesting he will be NSW’s Deputy Premier as soon as tomorrow.”

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Also in the market for the leadership is Upper House MP Niall Blair and MP .

Kevin Humphries, who crossed the floor to side with Labor in an attempt to block the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill, is a $26 shot, while Katrina Hodgkinson and Chris Gulaptis who also crossed the floor are both at $34.

Meanwhile, the mayhem within the Nationals party has hit the Coalition’s odds of winning the next state election in 2019, out to $1.50, while Labor has shortened into $2.50.

Next NSW National Party Leader

John Barilaro $1.40
Niall Blair $6
Paul Toole $7
Duncan Gay $19
Kevin Humphries $26 with Sportsbet
Katrina Hodgkinson $34
Chris Gulaptis $34

2019 State Election winner

Coalition $1.50
Labor $2.50

Will Troy Grant quit parliament before the next state election?

No $1.25
Yes $3.50

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5 years ago

DUNCAN GAY  a chance, for the nats sake,they better wipe him as a late scratching.he is worse than Grant.

HODGKINSON is the image they need. take heed you gooses,you have a shocking image problem now,so heed what I say.

it’s KATRINA HODGKINSON you need,otherwise you look like inbreds.

5 years ago

and now for the coup-de-grace. JOHN BARILARO is a new plant to take over exactly where GRANT left off. so well organized to ”side ways move’ GRANT and keep his RACING MINISTER roll,and have the NATS show some face and have BARILARO look like a saver of the NATS PARTY,when in fact,he is no better than having GRANT in the seat.he was anti dog racing,he may become DEPUTY PREMIER,so where is the win here? wouldn’t consider HUMPHRIES or HODGKINSON or GUPATIL…oh no,they were anti NATS at the time of the BILL passing,no we couldn’t have one of those could we?… Read more »