Leading trainer the target of undercover investigator

WITH a second Four Corners program focused on greyhound racing expected to air in the near future, there is speculation Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Queensland and the might have further footage of trainers engaging in live-baiting activities.

Now, a leading Victorian trainer has confirmed to Australian Racing Greyhound that their training establishment was targeted by the same undercover spy who appeared in the ABC’s Four Corners program focusing on live-baiting.

The trainer, who has not been named due to the serious circumstances of the live-baiting saga, said a woman known as ‘Jane’ was working for them at the end of 2014 for a short period.

They were told ‘Jane’ had worked for her family on a farm in England before meeting her at a racetrack where she asked for weekend work. She was given normal duties such as feeding pups and cleaning kennels before suspicions grew when she begun asking about their bullring and how the dogs were taught to chase.

But that wasn’t the only strange thing about ‘Jane’…

“Even on really warm days she would be covered in clothing and wearing a hat and we used to say that she had a hunchback,” the trainer said.

It is unknown whether the clothing may have been worn to conceal a camera or recording device, while the trainer is still unsure as to whether any secret surveillance cameras were ever or still remain on their property.

“It is hard to know (whether cameras were set up) but hopefully she has gone away satisfied that everything is alright here.”

The trainer says there is no doubt in their mind the woman working for them was the same person who went undercover at the property of Zeke Kadir, despite the fact her face was blurred on the Four Corner’s program.

“We recognised her on Four Corners, it didn’t show her face but it was definitely her,” they said. 

The trainer said that irregardless of whether trainers are obeying by the of racing or not, it acts as a reminder for all participants to be wary of who they allow on their properties.

“You have got to be carful of who you have around, we will be very careful of anyone we have around here from now on.”

The trainer says that the covert investigations, conducted by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland, which have targeted multiple training establishments around the country, had the wrong intentions from the start.

“It has been bad for the whole industry the way that it has all been done – they want to get rid of greyhound racing completely, they are not interested in just trying to catch those people doing the wrong thing.”

Australian Racing Greyhound is led to believe that no further footage has been handed to Greyhound Racing . It is hoped this indicates any additional surveillance gathered during the investigations of other premises showed no wrongdoing by those trainers. If further damning footage does come to light, it may raise question about the motives of the animal organisations and as to why it was concealed for so long. 

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John Tracey
John Tracey
7 years ago

Hugh_ John Tracey arguably cane toads have rights under welfare acts. From a national economic view point it would be better financially to the country if breaches of the welfare acts led to jail time for Queensland offenders as the jail maximum under the blooding provisions is only one year and the cost to the community for jailing the offenders is the lowest day rates in the nation (under two hundred per day).