Mystery Club Offical Centre Of GRV Gambling Inquiry

GRV have just released “details” of an held on the 5th June 2009 into alleged betting transactions by an official at a greyhound race meeting way back in October 2007.

Presumably the inquiry was held as the official in question was in a position to influence the outcome of the race in question, however it is impossible to know as GRV Stewards have made no attempt to name or identify the person who was the subject of the inquiry.

Certainly, Australian Racing Greyhound is aware that one-time driver, was convicted of betting on greyhound races whilst performing the duties of driving the lure in those races. That finding saw Lanyon disqualifed for 9 months, a penalty later reduced on appeal to 6 months disqualification.

This specific inquiry was held in to betting transactions from the Healesville greyhound races on the 21st October 2007 and the person involved could be just about anyone who officiated in any capacity at that meeting as the GRV Stewards report oddly does not not name the subject of the inquiry.

Importantly though GRV Stewards transcripts from Lanyon's previous inquiry were used in evidence as well as four statutory declarations.

And whilst we still are not aware who was alleged to have been betting, character references were also brought in to evidence to help our mystery gamblers defence.

After hearing the evidence produced, GRV Stewards determined that there was no direct evidence to sustain a charge, and therefore took no further action in relation to the matter.

Although it occurs, even to us mere mortals at Australian Racing Greyhound, that as Healesville do not operate on the TAB and only have one bookmaker, that surely any inquiry in to betting at Healesville should have called the one and only bookmaker to give evidence. Why that didn't happen is anyone's guess.

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