New $150,000 Rebate Scheme For South Australian Greyhound Breeders

Greyhound Racing SA has launched a $150,000 annual fund for registered South Australian breeders to help with the increased costs associated with breeding greyhounds.

The new SA Breeder Rebate provides breeders with up to $2,000 to offset stud or sire fees, vaccination expenses, registration and micro-chipping costs and other related expenses associated with eligible litters whelped on or after November 1, 2011.

The rebate is part of 's Industry Stimulus Package, which have been designed to support a sustainable greyhound racing industry in South Australia and optimise existing growth opportunities.

GRSA Chief Executive Officer, said we anticipate strong support for the rebate from the industry as it recognises the valuable contribution breeders make to the local industry.

“We're aware of the rising costs associated with breeding greyhounds and recognise the commitment made by breeders to ensuring the future sustainability of the industry in SA,” said Mr Corby.

“The framework for the Industry Stimulus Package, which we announced in June, made allowance for increased funding for breeders and the prioritisation of this support has been by the newly formed Industry Taskforce.

“The $150,000 fund comes on the back of a $621,000 increase in 2011/12 stakemoney and the introduction of SA Bred Race super bonuses of up to $12,500 for breeders successful in Group races across the country.

“Each registered breeder will be able to claim up to two rebates in any financial year.”

GRSA has also introduced a one-off rebate to encourage new breeders to enter the industry and former breeders to return.

Former breeders have been classified as participants who haven't registered a litter since July 1, 2008. Under the rebate, a $750 dollar-for-dollar payment will be made available to assist with the costs of new whelping or kennelling facilities.

Overall responsibility and discretion for the scheme will be managed by the GRSA Chief Executive Officer.

SA Breeder Rebate – Fast Facts

1. Registered SA breeders will be able to claim 50 percent of their sire or stud fee up to value of $2,000.
2. Registered SA breeders will be able to claim up to $1,000 to cover ancillary costs including veterinary expenses, costs, vaccination expenses, microchipping, first payments for the SA Bred scheme and litter registration fees. (Pre-conception veterinary expenses, rearing, breaking-in and pre-training costs are excluded)
3. The total claim in relation to any whelped litter may not exceed $2,000
4. Litters need to be whelped after November 1, 2011 to be eligible for the rebate.
5. Each registered SA breeder will be limited to two rebates per financial year subject to conditions of eligibility.
6. Rebate applicants will need to submit an application prior to mating/insemination to be eligible under the scheme
7. Rebate claim forms must be completed at the time of the registration of the litter and within six months of the whelping date.
8. Applicants must complete the necessary documentation and provide evidence of actual and verifiable expenses to be eligible.

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