New Integrity Auditor To Be Appointed To NSW Greyhound Racing Industry

Greyhound Racing New South Wales () today confirmed that it was close to appointing a new Greyhound Racing Auditor following the resignation of David Landa OAM from the role earlier this month.

Mr Landa was to the role in 2011 and, so far as GRNSW is aware, only conducted a single formal into a complaint against a racing official in which he found that there had been no contravention of the Greyhound Racing Act (the Act) or the adopted by GRNSW.

GRNSW Chairman Eve McGregor said that the office of Greyhound Auditor played an important role that provided oversight of all aspects related to and control, and registration matters. It is also responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of racing officials in relation to responsibilities and obligations under the Act, and also the GRNSW Code of Conduct.

“The office is independent of GRNSW and absolutely must be at arms-length from GRNSW, but clearly the Integrity Auditor must operate within the confines of the statute.

“That means that the office responds to complaints lodged by industry participants or to matters referred to the office by GRNSW itself for consideration. Ultimately the control, supervision and regulation of greyhound racing in NSW is the responsibility of the Board of GRNSW”.

Ms McGregor said that GRNSW recognised the need to ensure the person appointed to the office of Integrity Auditor had an appropriate understanding of the greyhound racing industry in order to properly fulfil the role and was confident that the new Integrity Auditor would bring these qualities to the role.

The appointment of a person to the role of Greyhound Racing Integrity Auditor is made by the Board of GRNSW and is subject to the approval of the Minister for Gaming and Racing.

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