Newcastle Greyhound Racing Club strikes huge deal with Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes sponsorship

GREYHOUND racing in the Hunter region has received a massive boost with the announcement on Thursday that bookmaking giant Ladbrokes has come onboard as a sponsor of the Newcastle Greyhound Racing Club.

The three-year partnership with the world’s oldest bookmaker will see the track renamed as Ladbrokes Gardens and will include the running of the Ladbrokes Red Dog Series at more than 100 meetings at the venue across the year, as well as naming rights to various races, including the Listed Ladbrokes Newcastle Cup.

Newcastle Greyhounds CEO Gary Brown told Australian Racing Greyhound the Club was delighted to have the support of Ladbrokes.

“We are very proud to have Ladbrokes come on as the sponsor they are throwing a lot of support, commitment and resources into the Hunter region,” Brown said.

“Ladbrokes has identified that the Gardens has earned the tag of being the top race club in the Hunter.

“We have had no meeting cancellations and the track continues to produce the best racing in the area.

“For the past [two] months we have been racing three days a week, trialling five days a week.

“We have gone from a great club to a mighty club in recent times and this is evident by the fact that Ladbrokes has now come on board with us.

“This particular package has provided Newcastle Greyhounds with a major leap forward to satisfying whatever model of self-sufficiency and longevity a greyhound club must have.

“On top of that the team at Ladbrokes were great to do business with – their integrity and communication has been second to none.”

Ladbrokes Chief Marketing Officer Jason Kibsgaard was also pleased to make the partnership announcement which will take effect from July 1.

“We are very proud of our partnerships with such great clubs across Australia and this is no different, especially in a community like Newcastle,” he said.

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  1. Before this announcement,I joined Ladbrokes on the basis of their support for greyhound racing
    As I’m only a very small punter, minor differences of odds/prices don’t concern me that much

  2. Rod the word from the bunker is that not all is well at the Gardens Some Staff are not happy with some events that have taken place there and the word is we will hear more from GRNSW about it ! Now that Ladbrokes have add another Greyhound track to support which is great for the code in some way.Rod you must remember its the TAB is where most of our funding comes from even though there is a unfair distribution scam! sorry SCHEME

  3. Bob, where were the TAB submissions to support greyhound racing in nsw?
    I f there were any I missed them, they certainly weren’t very vocal

  4. Rod just like the ICA they did not want to get involved at the stage of the Ban that was put in place by Baird & Grant and had a promise from the Gallops to fill the Gap when we were gone .That would have been interesting as they are struggling for “fields” now, and i believe from what was banded around was more Country Track coming on line with the Tab .They a did forward a Submission to the Select Committee in 2013 , At the end of the day the Tab is our major income source and credit to Ladbrokes for supporting Greyhound Race Clubs but with the form of many clubs over the years, i wonder if that most of that money reaches the Grassroots of the industry the owner trainers who supply the product ? Rod here is some stats from Roy Morgan Research Report 2014-15 Greyhound Racing seems to be on a trend ,even though there was the Live Baiting Scandal has only had a marginal effect on betting incidence. Not only has its popularity been consistent over the past decade ,but Aussies aged 18-34 now make up only nearly half of the Greyhound betters , compared with only a quarter of of Horse- racing betters.Age Groups, GR punters 18-24 =10.9% of Pie , HR 18-24=6.7% .GR 25-34=34.2%, HR 25.34=18.0%, GR 35=49=29.3%, HR 28.8% so in real terms one would think the Tab would do a lot more for Greyhound Racing right across Australia, " That’s,wishful thinking "