NSW GBOTA Donates to the RSPCA Cyclone and Flood Disaster Appeal

The Queensland Cyclone and Flood Disaster Appeal will be the recipient of funds raised by the tracks to assist with the impact of the Queensland floods.

A total of $4,000 was raised at Association tracks and Chairman, , was most appreciative of the willingness of participants and customers to support the cause.

“The fundraising was kept simple and to the specific generosity of our customers,” Rose said.

“We are certain the funds raised will be put to good use by the RSPCA.”

The Queensland RSPCA estimate the recent disasters will cost the organisation over $1 million for staffing, rescue units, rebuilding and other resources.

At Brisbane's Fairfield shelter, over 400 animals required rehousing during the floods, with the costs escalating dramatically once water receded and damage was surveyed.

The rebuilding of the veterinary surgery is expected to cost over $400,000.

RSPCA Queensland's Michael Beatty said the appeal funds would go toward the rebuilding of facilities affected, such as the Fairfield Shelter, as well as future planning strategies to minimize the impact if events like these were ever to occur again.

“We are looking to build up resources in regional centres such as Cairns, and to ensure those areas have the equipment on hand in case of future emergencies.

“We're really appreciative of the donations made which will assist us in helping animals affected by these disasters,” Beatty said.

The NSW would like to thank all that donated and assisted with fundraising for this great cause.

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