NSW GBOTA Greyhound Of The Year Awards

GBOTA 2008 Greyhound Of The Year Connections With Percy Allan
2008 Greyhound Of The Year Connections With Percy Allan
Saturday night's Wentworth park meeting also conicided with 's Greyhound Of The Year Awards.

The exclusive awards only consider GBOTA members and their greyhounds via their GBOTA state branches, and the 2008 award winners were :

The Country Greyhound of the Year was a great contest between three greyhounds, Osti's Command (, ), Sancho (Matt Matic, Auburn-Lidcombe) and Movealong Vulcan (Stephen Gardiner, ). Movealong Vulcan was seeking back to back wins in this category and winning the 2007 award and was again named 2008 Country greyhound Of The Year with 78 points ahead of Sancho with 77 points and then Osti's Command on 60 points.

The Provincial Greyhound of the Year was won by (John Free, Northern Rivers) on 156 points; a fair way behind him were Midnight Gambler (John Free), (Dominic Traino) and (Lesley Green).

The Metropolitan Greyhound Of the Year was won by Varvatos (Lorriane Atchison, Central Coast) on 205 points just ahead of (Lorriane Atchison), Persian Spy (Carly Absalom) and Lethal Mariska (Jan Finneran).

Greyhound Of The Year went to veteran campaigner (Ruth Matic, Auburn-Lidcombe) on 322 points. This greyhound won twelve races in 2008 and in nine of these ran the best of the day or night and has been a great money spinner for the Matics and a model of consistency.

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