NSW Government to provide $41m funding to greyhound industry

Industry Update

THE New South Wales greyhound racing industry will receive $41 million in funding from the state government over the next five years to implement the recommendations put forward by the Greyhound Industry Reform .

The , led by former Premier , made 122 recommendations which would see sweeping changes for the greyhound racing industry, most notably the separation of the commercial and regulatory functions of the sport’s body.

NSW Minister for Racing said the government will adopt all but one of the 122 recommendations when legislation to repeal the is introduced into the Parliament on Tuesday.

“The Government is absolutely committed to a sustainable future for the greyhound industry and these reforms will help ensure confidence and is restored,” Toole said.

The government will also oversee the establishment of an Independent Greyhound in addition to implementing the new industry structure.

Other key recommendations which will be introduced include an enforceable code of practice for greyhound welfare, CCTV cameras at all public and certain private training tracks, whole of life registration and tracking of greyhounds, tougher penalties for issues, an accreditation scheme for industry participants and stricter controls on euthanasia.

Of the money set to be invested into the industry, $11 million will go towards the establishment of the integrity commission.

The remaining $30 million is expected to be invested into improving animal welfare standards by assessing the safety of greyhound tracks to lower the risk of injury.

A statutory review of the new legislation will take place after three years.

The government’s statement did not address the which currently sees the greyhound industry receive just 13 per cent of funds injected back into the industry, despite the sport providing more than 21 per cent of betting turnover.

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