NSW greyhounds now only allowing registered trainers on track

NSW greyhound racing

Greyhound () and Greyhound Welfare and Commission () have further restricted greyhound race meeting participation.

Effective immediately only the registered trainers of greyhounds engaged will be permitted to attend race meetings.

A concession has been made for trainers with more than four greyhounds engaged at a meeting to allow them one attendant.

The move comes just one day after GRNSW and GWIC released a stricter full race day procedure policy.

Trainers and race club staff will need to make themselves available to catch other greyhounds on race day.

GWIC have relaxed the rule where a catcher must catch just one greyhound. A single catcher will be able to catch more than one greyhound for the foreseeable future.

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Ray Pitstock
Ray Pitstock
4 years ago

Their intension may merit to keep the industry going however it once again indicates how the decision maker’s for our industry are so far out of touch a large percentage of trainers are over the age of 60 many far exceed this age my wife is 75 has just had her operation on her eyes cancelled she cannot drive until for some considerable time even if she had the operation many elderly trainers rely on their partner for transportation basically their decisions will stop well over a1/3 of dogs from racing considerations should be made to exemptions with medical evidence… Read more »