2013 Golden Easter Egg Heats Tips – Race By Race Analysis

We hope everyone had a chance to look at our indepth analysis of every greyhounds chances in the 2013 Golden Easter Egg and pre post betting.

Now we’ve taken that review and had a look at each of the 10 heats in an attempt to narrow down our tips for each of the races on Golden Easter Egg heat night.

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Regardless of whether your punting with one of our corporates from the couch, fighting the the crowds at the Pub Tab, or making the trek trackside; Golden Easter Egg Heats night is one of the most exciting nights of greyhound racing on the calendar, so lets see if we can find you a winner.

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 1

Its a little hard to work out who exactly is going to lead this first race here, but I’ve seen some speed maps and they have Boris Fields leading. If this is the case then the others might as well not turn up, but i cant see this happening.

Renegade Chief will have plenty of room to move and he should head them off around the first turn. Corridor will look to move off the track and he may take a few with him.

Veyron Bale and Boris Fields, need to clear Corridor early to avoid trouble. If they clear him they should land in behind Renegade Chief and look to fill the placings. Now lets assume this is not the case, and they find trouble then Dinkum and Heidi Go Seek may fill the placings.

Its always tough selecting the first 4 a Wentworth Park, as there continues to be some much trouble rounding the first turn.

Race No. 1Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H107:28PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1CORRIDOR41111FSHM T Carter (Violet Town)
2VEYRON BALE8528329.65A L Dailly (Anakie)
3BORIS FIELDS312F6NBTJ Thompson (Pearcedale)
4AMADEUS STRIKES2561130.11S B White (Nowra Hill)
5DINKUM3514629.77J M Fletcher (Menangle Park)
6HEIDI GO SEEK15178FSHA Langton (Anakie)
7SERISIER STREET1232329.85A D Meredith (Niagara Park)
8RENEGADE CHIEF1176429.91K G Greenough (Pearcedale)
9LAGOON LOWANNA6118229.84R J Webster (Cawdor)
10NICO BALE11655FSHG J Bate (Lara)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 1 Tips: 1st – Renegade Chief, 2nd – Veyron Bale, 3rd – Boris Fields, 4th – Dinkum

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 2

Nitro Cee, Princess Black and Tru Blu Ethics are the early speed in heat 2.

Nitro Cee the Victorian has great early toe and she should match it with Princess Black from the get go. If Tru Blu Ethics is able to head off the rest he should lob nicely into 3rd rounding the first turn.

Now lets assume Nitro and Princes are off and gone. This leaves us with Tru Blue Ethics, in 3rd with the pack chasing.

Imry Bale with the advantage of the inside box should be prominent and the strong runner Pops Max, should also be thereabouts. It will come down to luck in running.

Race No. 2Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H207:50PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1CADENCE1246529.80F J Harris (Kanahooka)
2NITRO CEE1532230.01W A Vassallo (Devon Meadows)
3IMRY BALE3146329.87G J Bate (Lara)
4FIERY13262FSHC J Bahen (Yuroke)
5HOOVER BOY1743329.77L P Azzopardi (Londonderry)
6PRINCESS BLACK1411129.79J E Heard (The Entrance North)
7POP’S MAX17613NBTP L Hunt (Avalon)
8TRUE BLUE ETHICS3211530.20D J Smith (Moorebank)
9DYNA DENNY51642NBTA L Dailly (Anakie)
10RAW ENERGY1711830.05J S Ennis (Lara)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 2 Tips: 1st – Nitro Cee, 2nd – Princess Black, 3rd – Imry Bale, 4th – True Blue Ethics

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 3

There’s a lot of speed drawn on the outside of the track here and when we get 3 or more dogs all vying for the lead around the first turn we generally get trouble. Gotta be Fancy should be first to the rails and she should have the run of the race with her best jump. This is the toughest heat for mine and its going to be a lottery around the first turn.

If Gotta Be Fancy, can ping and hold out the leading division, round the first turn, then this brings Oomoo right into calculation. He’s a strong dog and wil look to he finishing all over the top of Gotta Be Fancy. If the outside runners do jam up then look for Grigorieva Bale and old fella to be getting home hard.

Race No. 3Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H308:08PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1OOMOO6321530.14N King (Pearcedale)
2GOTTA BE FANCY1231229.95A Azzopardi (Londonderry)
3OLD FELLA21315FSHR J Britton (Lara)
4GRIGORIEVA BALE2125129.86A L Dailly (Anakie)
5SHEIKHA1836429.84J R Finn (Cranebrook)
6MYTHICAL EAGLE4111429.75A Meredith (Niagara Park)
7JOSHUA3312129.89G J Bate (Lara)
8MY SWEET LOVE3161129.95R Matic (Canyonleigh)
9GROVEBROOK BOY4114530.02M Doggett (Portland)
10ABIT CRAZY4351730.00M Burton (Kemps Creek)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 3 Tips: 1st – Oomoo, 2nd – Gotta Be Fancy, 3rd – Grigorieva Bale, 4th – Old Fella

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 4

We see two group 1 winners engaged in this Cintiarna and Glen Gallon. However both dogs will need an ounce of luck here. Peter Rocket holds the key here for mine. If he can bounce out and head of Magic Billions, this will bring Cintiarna into the race. If he doesn’t and Magic Billions is able to hold the lead, then I’m a a lost to work out what will happen.

There is very little early toe outside and we may see something come from behind here to win. Best case scenario is Peter Rocket leads and drags Cintiarna across. If they clear out then I like them to finish in this order.

Race No. 4Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H408:28PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1MAGIC BILLIONS2332329.96R Matic (Canyonleigh)
2PETER ROCKET88211FSHK Hellmuth (Pearcedale)
3DOZEN POINTS1147729.76J R Finn (Cranebrook)
4CINTIARNA15116FSHS Collins (Hazelwood)
5ALLEN DION6252230.04A L Dailly (Anakie)
6NOBLE BALE63724FSHG J Bate (Lara)
7SPITFIRE STU1164429.94R J Britton (Lara)
8GLEN GALLON14517NBTT W Brett (Grandchester)
9GROVEBROOK RULER3316230.63M Doggett (Portland)
10SHADOW LANE54141FSHM T Carter (Violet Town)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 4 Tips: 1st – Peter Rocket, 2nd – Cintiarna, 3rd – Magic Billions, 4th – Glen Gallon

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 5

The 3 inside runners hold the key in this. If Spud Regis and Jetta’s Girl can jump and head off Bubba’s Dream then it’s a no brained that Spud Regis wins. If this is the case then Bubba’s Dream and Jetta’s Girl will fight out second and 3rd.

Magic Fancy and Kobi Jay should fight out the 4th position. Spud Regis Has the ability too run sensational times and if he begins then he should stop the clock around 29.70. This will make it very hard for the others to run him down.

Race No. 5Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H508:50PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1BUBBA’S DREAM1411330.08K Bailey (Stratford)
2JETTA’S GIRL12114NBTT W Brett (Grandchester)
3SPUD REGIS35111NBTA L Dailly (Anakie)
4MAGIC FANCY1F14529.78W J Lutiger (Bringelly)
5KOBI JAY4511630.08R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
6PAUA OF DARKNESS1123529.80M B Stringer (Mangalore)
7ROB PINES5155129.82E A Medhurst (Mangalore)
8GRADENCE3223730.08J Scerri (Horsley)
9XENOS BALE18562FSHG J Bate (Lara)
10KALDEN KURAGEOUS13313NBTT W Murray (Lewiston)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 5 Tips: 1st – Spud Regis, 2nd – Bubba’s Dream, 3rd – Jetta’s Girl, 4th – Kobi Jay

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 6

Jagger Swagger has come up with box 8 here and this will suit him perfectly. Look for him him to be winding up around the outside. Street Bike Tommy has plenty of early toe and he should push through early, but he lacks the class of a couple of these and may find it tough to hold onto a place here.

With a little luck in running Magnum Blast and Hot Irish should be storming home to fill the placings.

Race No. 6Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H609:10PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1MAGNUM BLAST3216129.87A Azzopardi (Londonderry)
2STREETBIKE TOMMY8545630.01A L Dailly (Anakie)
3MINZA RED ONE5532130.06C Gatt (Catherine Field)
4MR. CLYDESDALE1614329.56R Mccolm (Sawyers Gully)
5MARVICKI1121829.94S M Wheeler (Blue Haven)
6HOT IRISH1341330.18S Clarke (Tooradin)
7SIGN OF SNOW35134FSHA Langton (Anakie)
8JAGGER SWAGGER2111129.73M J Azzopardi (Appin)
9SEARCH PARTY4644429.94J R Finn (Cranebrook)
10PURCELL BALE84512FSHG J Bate (Lara)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 6 Tips: 1st – Jagger Swagger, 2nd – Hot Irish, 3rd – Magnum Blast, 4th – Streetbike Tommy

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 7

Punch One Out as drawn perfectly out in box 6 and only needs to step away with Garrick Bale to win this. Garrick Bale can come out humming and he may bring Punch One out undone. Lets hope she can jump and go with him early.

Free Will is well boxed and he may get the run of the race if he can jump. He lacks the overall speed of some of the others, but he may just steer clear of trouble. Look for Two Tree Hill, Omar Gee, and local hope Bye Bye Bucks to be charging home late.

Race No. 7Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H709:27PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1FREE WILL1123729.96A Azzopardi (Londonderry)
2TWO TREE HILL1312129.76R J Britton (Lara)
3OMAR GEE14151FSHM T Carter (Violet Town)
4BYE BYE BUCKS1162429.73K Lewis (Raby)
5FULLY ADVANCED2521629.72G J Bate (Lara)
6PUNCH ONE OUT3211129.69J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
7GARRICK BALE2534229.84A L Dailly (Anakie)
8GOLD TOWN6F467FSHP L Hunt (Avalon)
9TAKE IT ALL42664NBTD N Mcdonald (Cranbourne)
10SURE AS7228730.02S E Swain (Box Hill)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 7 Tips: 1st – Punch One Out, 2nd – Garrick Bale, 3rd – Free Will, 4th – Bye Bye Bucks

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 8

Exciting heat with speed to burn in this. Cracker Jack Lil, and El Brooklyn look set to fight this one out. Both dogs have enormous early speed and Shanghai out of the boxes. El Brooklyn is much more experienced and a little stronger to the line, so she should be winning this. If Cracker Jack Lil, handles the track and jumps there’s no reason why she can’t hold onto second in this.

Xylia Allen, and Winsome Charlee are 3rd and 4th selections and both dogs are huge winning chances if they jam up, up front. But both will need the leaders to miss the kick. El Grover will look to get off the track at the first turn, so let’s he doesn’t cause any trouble.

Race No. 8Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H809:50PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1EL GROVER4351329.90R D Birrell (Appin)
2CRACKER JACK LIL11111FSHP L Hunt (Avalon)
3PIPPA SHIRAZ21137FSHA L Dailly (Anakie)
4XYLIA ALLEN11127FSHG J Bate (Lara)
5WINSOME CHARLEE2131229.98J R Finn (Cranebrook)
6EL BROOKLYN21112FSHJ Thompson (Pearcedale)
7BARELEN NORRIS1214630.39P R Anderson (Blacktown)
8BONITA BANANA6271630.09A T Wade (Kings Langley)
9EL CABALLO3514629.97D N Mcdonald (Cranbourne)
10COLLIN BALE741F4FSHA L Dailly (Anakie)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 8 Tips: 1st – El Brooklyn, 2nd – Cracker Jack Lil, 3rd – Xylia Allen, 4th – Winsome Charlee

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 9

Billy the Sid was brilliant last time out and he should be much improved after last starts first up effort. Look for him to be leading and winning this. He got quite tired last start but will find the line much better tonight.

With Billy the Sid off and gone that only leaves the placings left to fill. Mepunga Geordie and Deutronium look the best of the rest but both dogs will have to step away cleanly. The 4 inside runners are all a little outclassed and look as if they will fight out the 4th position. Wooden Ball is and old stager that is racing quite well and he may be able to fill the 4th position.

Race No. 9Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg H910:12PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1STETSON DONNA5778829.79P T Dundon (Finley)
2CLOSING TIME1365629.92J R Finn (Cranebrook)
3WOODEN BALL3722830.00M P Arncliffe (Castlereagh)
4DYNA DRAGO71186NBTA L Dailly (Anakie)
5BILLY THE SID2367129.73S E Swain (Box Hill)
6BLITIZ TO EXCEL5563530.00J A Chapman (Lidsdale)
7DEUTRONIUM36323NBTD W Knocker (Langwarrin)
8MEPUNGA GEORDIE2352530.32J R Britton (Anakie)
9KEVIN BALE54444NBTG J Bate (Lara)
10WELDEN FLASH4331530.02S R Fleming (Oakdale)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 9 Tips: 1st – Billy The Sid, 2nd – Mepunga Geordie, 3rd – Deutronium, 4th – Wooden Ball

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 10

We see what I believe should be the series favourite here, Sometimes Speedy. The ex S.A chaser is low flying at the moment and the only way she will get beat is if she beats herself. She should ping from the middle of the track and race right away with this race early.

Sucker Punch, Whispering Wind and General Destini look the best of the rest. Sucker Punch, and General Destini have the ability to come from behind and they may look too fill the placings. Mr. Beau has talent but will be spotting the leading dogs a big start.

Race No. 10Macromeats Golden Easter Egg H1010:35PM (NSWtime)
Special Event event over 520 Metres at Wentworth park Of $8,475 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775 Unplaced: $100.


1DYNA FILBERT22176FSHG J Bate (Lara)
2MR. BEAU5671529.81R R Bell (Blacksmiths)
3CARLOS PEDRO1213F30.06M F Gatt (Thirlmere)
4SOMETIMES SPEEDY1111129.61J A Mackay (Richmond Vale)
5SUCKER PUNCH2253229.75D Sultana (Londonderry)
6EASTON BALE243F4NBTA L Dailly (Anakie)
7GENERAL DESTINI22123NBTE N Rinaldi (Lethbridge)
8WHISPERING WIND3332430.06A Langton (Anakie)
9FRANKLIN HERO53341FSHA L Dailly (Anakie)
10FARMOR LAS VEGAS23554FSHR J Britton (Lara)

2013 Golden Easter Egg Heat 10 Tips: 1st – Sometimes Speedy, 2nd – General Destini, 3rd – Sucker Punch, 4th – Mr Beau

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