A Master Shot For David Pringle

The continually successful Pringle line looks to have produced another star in the making.

Master Shot (Brett Lee – Midnight Movie) obliterated the existing 450 metre time standard at Bathurst on Monday afternoon in a performance trial.

It was the first time Master Shot was produced before the public on a race track and he certainly opened eyes when he recorded a 25.31, winning the trial by over 15 lengths. His time was breathtaking considering that the track record is 25.60.

The 22 month old dog was fast away and recorded a flying 15.10 to the first mark.

“We have been getting him ready for a while. We have got him up and going to show him off and show what he can do. He is a good pup”, told ARG.

“He’s very exciting. It’s a once in a 20 year dog for us, we breed a bit and bred his mother.”

Pringle confirmed that the dog has already been the subject of a big six-figure offer after the trial, but Pringle has no plans to sell the dog at this stage.

“We knocked that back. You don’t breed and then get a dog and just sell it. He might never make half that money, but it’s the excitement of having a dog like him.”

The big Maiden series is fast approaching, but Pringle is unlikely to set the dog towards that series.

“We will stay away from Wentworth Park because it’s the best track to stuff young pups. You can draw box five in that maiden race and make a good dog look bad. We are just going to keep working him and we might put him in a few more performance trials and go to and and just let people see what times he can run.”

It is more than likely that Master Shot will end up in Victoria with master trainer Jason Thompson. Pringle has sent another talented chaser, Warehouse Mouse (Where’s Pedro – Fancy Jaffa), down to Thompson in recent times and couldn’t be happier with how he is going.

“Jason is doing a brilliant job with him. In my opinion, Jason is probably the best trainer in at the moment. When he got the dog I told him this dog is a good dog but he could probably go better. He’s done a terrific job with him. He’s had about nine starts with him and only been unplaced once. He’s been racing top grade dogs as a pup and the times he’s been trailing have been phenomenal. He’s only a couple of hundredths behind Phenomenal in trials. It’s just that he’s a terrible beginner. Jason’s a good trainer and will work him out. This dog (Master Shot) will end up down there. Jason will end up getting him. There’s no money up here. The money’s down there and he can turn dogs like this into stud dogs.”

Even though its unlikely that NSW racegoers will see Master Shot at Wentworth Park in the maiden series, a couple of Pringle dogs will still be there.

“There’s a couple more coming along as well. We are taking a couple to Wentworth Park. They are different sorts of dogs. These other couple of dogs, they are just real tough gritty sort of dogs that will take a bashing and still keep coming. They are dogs and in their performance trials they will open a few eyes as well. They are a bit slow early and Wentworth Park may not suit them but we aren’t too worried about them. They’re going to get a bit of ground, probably go six or seven .”

The Pringle’s tried and true method of top notch greyhounds continues to shine. It will be interesting to see how Master Shot comes along. He may well be the next potential star to hit the greyhound racing scene.

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Matt Lanigan
Matt Lanigan
7 years ago

Gerald Lanigan

Matt Lanigan
Matt Lanigan
7 years ago

Gerald Lanigan