Bathurst’s First “Finish On” Lure Meeting A Success

In a first for the club held the first ever race meeting under the finish-on format last Wednesday February 4.

As expected it was all plain sailing for the alternative method with no problems arising. All greyhounds were given a clean bill of health at the conclusion of each event.

It was interesting to note several new faces in the crowd including Chief Steward , leading NSW breeder and respected lure driver Steve Kelly who were obviously keen to have a first hand view of the NZ finish-on method.

The general consensus seemed to be positive and it’s hard to argue against the safety aspect and benefits given the results of Wednesday’s meeting and those achieved at .

The previous NZ finish-on trials had proven popular with the majority of trainers and that seemed to reflect in an increased nomination flow for the meeting.

Noms were up on normal (by around 30) in comparison to corresponding February dates in previous years.

Of course there still remains a few who have concerns in relation to the alternative method however it seems that the push for the implementation of finish-ons continues to gain momentum with each passing day.

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