Canine Coronavirus confirmed in NSW greyhounds

NSW greyhound racing

The Greyhound ’s () Chief Veterinary Officer has today confirmed two cases of the Canine in two properties in the Northern Rivers area of .

Affected and in-contact greyhounds from these properties are to be quarantined for at least 10 days. Commission and Vets will be in contact with any trainers who may have been exposed to the ill greyhounds prior to any symptoms developing.

Further testing of other greyhounds showing symptoms of gastro-intestinal disease continues, with results due on Monday.

The Commission is appealing to all greyhound trainers to be vigilant in monitoring the health of their greyhounds, especially following racing in the Northern Rivers and in QLD. Continue to isolate any infected and in-contact greyhounds for 10-14 days and scratch these greyhounds from any trials or races.

Participants should practice good hygiene methods which include disinfection of all trailers and transport, boots, bedding, muzzles, leads and other equipment that may pose a risk of infection to other greyhounds.

The Commission continues to monitor the spread of canine coronavirus on a daily basis and is undertaking continuous risk assessments with further strict controls to be introduced if deemed necessary.

Further information in regards to how to prevent the transmission of the disease, can be found on the fact sheet on the GWIC website.

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