Darragh Sentenced To Weekend Detention

, who abandoned racing greyhound Go Bronco in a hot car for 14 hours, leading to the $10,000 dog’s death, has been sentenced to five months’ periodic detention and fined.

Trainer Terry Darragh, 37, left in a station wagon in Glebe, in Sydney’s inner-west, after failing to stop when his car hit a bus on Glebe Point Road as he left the racing track on the evening of January 12.

The trainer told police he “panicked” and fled the scene.

Darragh falsely reported his car stolen to police the following morning and did not come clean about what he had done for a further six days.

Passersby have told the court they heard the animal howling. One witness managed to force open the car door so he could pour water over the dog, but despite veterinary intervention, Go Bronco died as a result of heat exhaustion and dehydration three days later.

The court has heard temperatures in the car would have ranged from 20 degrees Celcius to the low 30s. A vet’s report said the dog would have suffered enormous pain.

Darragh pleaded guilty to four charges: animal cruelty, negligent driving, false representations relsulting in a police investigation and failing to give his particulars to another driver.

Mr Clugston today sentenced Darragh to five months periodic detention on a charge of animal cruelty and ordered him to complete 150 hours of community service for making the false report to police.

Darragh also was fined $1000 for negligent driving and for failing to stop and exchange details with the bus driver following the crash.

Darragh’s solicitor Benjamin Goh told the court the Harness and Greyhound Racing Authority () had launched an into Go Bronco’s death and he foreshadowed that the trainer could face further penalties and sanctions.

Mr Goh said Darragh had raised the dog from a pup and was devastated by its death.

“He is obviously deeply mortified that he has allowed this dog to pass away in the way that it did,” Mr Goh.

“He’s clearly guilt ridden, remorseful and saddened.”

Darragh launched an immediate appeal against the severity of his sentences for the animal cruelty and false representation charges.

He was granted bail, and will not serve any of his sentence prior to the appeal being finalised.

Courtesy : Amy Coopes, Herald Sun

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