Do You Think You Can Score?

This week the released information (including terms and conditions) for the exciting Soccer penalty shoot-out competition “Do You Think You Can Score?” to be held on March 17 at .

The concept, which has been developed by on course Sam Vardakas, will see 20 contestants drawn to take one penalty, shot each, for the chance win $1,000 in cold hard cash.

With $20,000 on offer contestants will have the task of scoring against a Premier League goal keeper in order to win.

Vardakas is delighted to see the promotion come to life, anticipating a large crowd to be in attendance on Saturday March 17.

“This promotion is like no other, it could be a first. It offers so many chances for the cash to be won,” Vardakas said.

“Those who attend on the night and wish to give their entry to a family member or friend, allowing someone the opportunity to have more than one shot if they are lucky enough to be drawn out more than once.”

All paying customers will receive a competition ticket on entry to the Glebe circuit, with gates open from 5.30pm and entries set to be drawn at 8.15pm.

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