Evidence from an alleged greyhound grave goes missing

EVIDENCE relating to an alleged greyhound burial site in the Hunter Valley has been removed prior to the RSPCA conducting an inquiry into the matter.

The RSPCA headed out into bushland at Swan Bay, north of Newcastle, on Monday following reports that bushwalkers had found over the weekend what appeared to be at least seven skulls which looked like they came from dogs.

The media and bushwalkers were quick to conclude that the area could be a possible greyhound burial site, despite forensic analysis not having been conducted on the remains.

“We saw skulls with blunt trauma on top of their head and the more we walked we found more skulls with blunt trauma,” bushwalker Bobbie Antonic told the ABC.

“It’s pretty sad. Swan Bay is a pretty quiet area and to know that someone has dumped clearly greyhounds… and there’s a hessian bag and there’s a tarpaulin as well and so there are more bits and pieces in that as well.”

However, when RSPCA officials arrived on site on Monday morning, inspectors could only find one skull.

RSCPA spokesperson Scott Myers told the ABC that the remains showed the dog had a fractured skull, but the breed was yet to be determined.

“They appear to be canine,” Myers said.

“To be what species, whether a domestic dog or a greyhound, I couldn’t comment.”

The RSPCA were said to be disappointed that much of the evidence had gone missing.

“It appears the large amount of stuff that was reported yesterday has been removed, which is really unfortunate.

“Obviously whoever saw the news last night or social media was tipped off in relation to the police and RSPCA’s involvement, or that the police had been informed.

“It appears the remains have been removed.”

RSPCA Chief Inspector David O’Shannessy said the incident would be fully investigated and urged anyone with information to come forward.

The alleged finding of the remains comes just over a month after the Baird state government announced its intentions to outlaw greyhound racing within New South Wales as of July 1, 2017.

The Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016 was introduced to Parliament last week, passing through the Upper House despite not having the support of the Labor Party, the Christian Democrat Party and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

It is expected to go before the Lower House next Tuesday.

If the law is passed it will become an offence to race greyhounds within the state as of July next year, with those caught organising greyhound racing facing up to one year in jail or an $11,000 fine.

Past Discussion

  1. What is the penalty  for exercising a greyhound ? and most will chase anything, so solo around Cessnock which is no longer a race track does not constitute racing ? Am i right or wrong !

  2. The ABC has really gone to the dogs hasn’t it- this morning it  was mass grave from Bobbie the bushwalker who apparently part times it as a forensic scientist specialising in canine anthropology and blunt force trauma  and this afternoon a hessian bag and  tarp go missing “evidence” of a evil band of greyhound people hiding evidence. What about animal activists planting a couple of skulls? This is getting unbelievable.

  3. BobWhitelaw Absolutely Bob, these dogs need exercising and a walk in the park (and they love it) does’nt do it and is 100% recreational.  Are we going to cop an ,000 fine for hand slipping a greyhound?

    The difference between exercising and training needs to be defined.

      That does not mean i’m giving up Deborah.

  4. Deborah555 Smells of a setup to me Deborah.  Similarly, Grants life has been threatened in Orange,  the perpetrators going to court on Sept 5th.  Lets hope the prosecution can determine whether or not this was a Baird / Grant setup also.

  5. jesus bloody Christ..another social media grabbing headliner in the form of a fat activist whose sole purpose is to keep attention on herself,as indicated by numerous topics found on her.

    anyway,apart from the look, at me,look at me syndrome she suffers from, here is a classic case of crap at the highest point of a pile.

    firstly,how many do a walkies in the bush or anywhere for that matter,without the old trusty mobile phone in the bum bag? today, not many at all. so no one in the walk group had a mobile,that more than likely has a camera facility?

    point 2………. this socialising slapstick orator who cannot put a sentence together at a public gathering for a cause, has skills in forensic science and straight up KNEW THEY WERE GREYHOUND SKULLS AND SKELETONS, AND ,THE DADDY OF THEM ALL, SUFFERED ‘BLUNT TRAUMA”…….Crikey,this brood could find many lost bodies from BELANGLO they way she diagnoses. clap calp broad,well done.

    point 3…. so no one has film evidence, just a group of mates who come across a sea of bones, that were definitely greyhound. I am flabbergasted no pics were there…..she needs the exercise, so why not jog home,grab a camera and do the right thing BEFORE NOTIFYING ABC you dumb besotted twit.

    point 4………they all got up(the skeletons) and dashed off. they are greyhounds,they can run fast them bones.no evidence bar one skull……RSPCA cannot identify the breed………what fools are they. BOOBIE ANTONIC can tell them in seconds and she is right beside them. and we pay the RSPCA for doing what? certainly not identifying skulls.

    point 5….RSPCA were disappointed evidence was gone…….two days after the report for christs sake. you guys are full of crap and this is a conjoined cock up story to keep the juices flowing.

    get outta here ABC and BOOBIE,sorry BOOBY ANTONIC.

  6. lone widow Deborah555  I loved the ABC’s alleged bikie connection- just disgusting they once kept the bastards honest now they are just as trashy as 60 minutes.




  8. BobWhitelaw BOB, I read somewhere that a straight slip track or two was being considered to keep border hopping dogs fit?

    saw it somewhere mate.

  9. Deborah555 lone widow BobWhitelaw ..I am in love with the two of you now………….lol

    love fighting women. get ém girls….lol

  10.  What about the phone threats to Grants office in Dubbo last friday ,the police acted swiftly and arrested to people the next morning. Now the same sort of threats were made to me from the son of a former official of the industry . Yep it took 12 months to arrest this person ,They have the hide to say its not a class thing  us and them,well why did Grant get away with asking a old bloke to come around the back of his joint (it wasn’t for cuddle )

  11. BobWhitelaw  You never know Bob there may have been some greens at the back of the shed and rather than just jump straight into bed with them he may have thought  he might just like to have a bit of a feel up first.

  12. lone widow Deborah555  Yes apparently they have Bobby the Bushwalker doing their forensic work now the other mob had university degrees and expected to be paid- why bother when you can just ask Bobby the Brilliant whose scientific observational skills are clearly evident ” Bits and pieces”  and she just wants 15 seconds of fame- cheap really.

  13. Deborah555 BobWhitelaw Maybe Deborah their was a act of Bestiality  taking place  out back and he wanted all to see how  sick and mentally ill, they the greens& AJP and their Nats leader are suffering from megalomania as is Baird.

  14. BobWhitelaw Deborah555  I notice his good buddy Baird is no where to be seen Baird made the decision via Facebook on his own, then  used Grant and now he’s off to Church letting Grant get the dog doo off his shoes by himself. With friends like that you don’t need to worry about making enemies. Newson has practically disappeared off the face of the earth. Must have figured out now it’s all turned to shit Baird will not be providing him with a cushy job somewhere he might have decided the job he has might be it. Baird used McHugh as well ignored 79 recommendations – yes I think Baird has to be running out of good will.

  15. Here is a Nationals Media release back  on 6.3.2006 .Quote ,Its not the intention of a Liberal/ Nationals Coalition Government to take over commercial powers  such as the allocation of dates,but it is our intention to examine the EFFICIENCY and  APPROPRIATENESS of the EXISTING  STRUCTURE . The Hon George Souris .M.P Shadow  Minister for Gaming and Racing,We ask WHAT HAPPENED with that.  Here is another quote  from the member for Barwon  Mr Kevin Humphries who i personally  have utmost respect for standing up for the Greyhound participant right across NSW and would make a very good National Leader,on the 4.3.2008 in address to the Legislative Assembly.I refer to the greyhound racing Industry Quote# Horse racing is the sport of kings then Greyhound racing is the sport of the people end of Quote#. I don’t pretend to have all the answer but i do know this much it is too destructive to look back and try to find something or someone to blame. What all of us need, is not closure, not revenge, which is our current position.What we need to do is learn from past mistakes and try not to repeat them and move forward on a positive basis and i mean the government as well as the greyhound industry if not, it will only get UGLIER.

  16. lone widow Deborah555 ……after finding out who the person was who made the threat,or one part of the threats,GRANT would not dare step behind any shed to take him on. apart from NOT BEING AN OLD 67y.o, the bloke was half that age and fitter and has ,well lets say,some nasty connections!!!

    look,no matter how much we get peed off,we cannot take the laws into our own hands,regardless of the situation.

    the fight is not over by a long way,and PARLIAMENTARIANS do have habits and records of being caught out on slip ups. we will get our day in court.

  17. BobWhitelaw HEAR,HEAR BOB.


    the world is changing in so many ways,and as an industry,our ways also need changing. we have to accept we are our OWN KEEPERS OF THE FLAME,and sometimes,officials included, have let that flame puff out,and only re-ignited it when it best suited us. so as I have said before, we have lost the fight early, BUT WE HAVE NOT LOST THE WAR.


    we have a new produce store in the town. from the outside,it is clearly set up as more a produce store for HORSES,with carts,and logos etc; indicating this.

    I decide to wander in,have a snoop around,and see if any of it was suitable for dogs maybe. you never know.

    well, I am eventually greeted by the owners,who politely ask can they help.

    sure says I, what are you stocking? mainly horse stuff or do you have any dog products,like dry foods for example. surre do,come out the back.

    when out there, we begin a conversation about horses and dogs. she raises the fact about the local pony club,and how cruel the kids(yes I said kids) are to horses,and it needs and deserves to be shut down and support activists doing such. says she has spoken umpteen times with the club leaders when she was involved(there is a clue)and also tried to get her friends out of that club because there was a lack of discipline with the juniors.

    in what way I ask?…kids reef and tear at the reins and pull hard on the bridles. she walks me across to where she has a display of BRIDLES AND BITS…..solid metal bits that go into the horses mouth,connected to the reins………steering and brake devices she calls them. whilst I see the metal bit as being a nasty looking bit of apparatus, I ask her,then if they cannot use the reins and the bits,how in the hell do they ride a horse.

    her reply…….with there hands. they must learn to ride bare back and with no reins………….crikey I says,that is a safety hazard right there,so I doubt that would be allowed. think of the insurances for a start.

    no says her,if they cannot learn that way,then they should have no club,as they are not learning to control a hors naturally?????

    she puts the bit back into the display cabinet,and I spot reins and sirsingles,and bloody expensive saddles,and many liniments and horse rugs etc; etc;….she despises a pony club,carries on about how cruel to horses the kids(never mentions adults by the way)YET SELLS ALL THE GEAR NEEDED TO RIDE A DAMN PONY AND HORSE??????????

    and her biggest customers…….go on guess!!!!…………kids from the PONY CLUB…….HYPOCRITS I SAY.

    and,on the way out I spot COPRICE dry food. I says that is a popular product among dog people,how is it going sales wise?

    ok,but we need more to buy all these dry foods.

    how do you lket people know you sell dog stuff, as it looks all horse from the outside………we use facebook…ok then.

    she asks….what type of dogs do yopu have?….greyhounds I reply.

    bloody good thing they are shutting them down to. bloody cruel to animals and the dogs………blah,blah,blah…………


  19. Breaking news from the ABC- Bobbi the Bushwalker  the NSW government’s self appointed forensic expert in canine anthropology is continuing her hunt for the missing 97,000 greyhounds. After spotting a kibble bag in the bush Bobbi alerted the authorities who found nothing but she said despite this setback and evil greyhound people getting up  in the middle of the night to hide evidence she will continue with her quest.

  20. When asked by a reporter not from the ABC how she thought some bits and pieces, a tarp and a bit of hessian and a skull, that has not been determined as to its type by experts, -was evidence of mass anything -Bobbi said “please explain”

  21. Meanwhile back at the ranch the Animal Activists are pissed off that one of the two skulls they planted has gone missing, Mr Grant has Dubbo crim-safe screening  people on the job and every National Party person is worried about their seat and a few liberals  who know without them they would not have won the Federal election. Much to the delight of Glenys those donations to  AA just keep rolling in should keep the gals in overseas trips for quite some time to come. Baird was last seen hiding out in an Anglican Church although the Minister was a bit reluctant because he asked him how much he thought it was worth.

  22. Deborah555   Well how convenient for Bobbi and the local Green friend who witness this horrific site some 10 meters down a gully  which a local from Swan Bay said  you would need to have rigging gear to climb down to  the rubbish,the local informed i that this particular  spot is a favorite for illegal dumpers and has been for many years  with all sorts of rubbish  dumped there , Maybe Bobbi and friend had thoughts of committing the same dirty deed as others have done of the years  but decided it would not be good look for the GREENIES  so we will blame the Greyhound  People again , on arrival the RSPCA found stuff all in respect to DAs and then Bobbi stated that someone must have moved all away with what was there. Bobbi, mental help is just a phone call away 13.11.14

  23. BobWhitelaw Deborah555  Well Bob the years old photos of alleged abuse are not working, no-one can find the missing 97000 dogs in fact large numbers have been found alive and well on couches and on  farms all over NSW just not registered as race dogs  and everyone in agriculture is getting worried so now I smell desperation we have not got any evidence so we will just make it up and claim the greyhound people removed it. Failing that let’s arrest anyone who speaks out. Yes we can accuse them of anything an ABC reporter said as long as we put alleged in front of our claims.

  24. Julia Baird from the ABC denies speaking to Mike about any of this- she says she has not spoken to him since he ripped the head off her barbie doll (when they were kids)because her and Ken were not married in the Anglican Church.

  25. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-14/rspca-to-probe-possible-hunter-valley-greyhound-burial-site/7733344



    now take a look at both of these stories……same case,but notice one thing?

    BOBBIE ANTONIC,the founder,says in a statement to ABC reoporter,ONE SKULL WAS FOUND after a supposed clean out by someone.

    take a look at the two stories…..see two different skulls? sure is,and one is white as a sheet……the other is all mossy and very old like it has been out in the weather for a long,long time.

    the WHITE WASHED ONE appears to my eyes, be a very well maintained skull,that possibley is used for a demonstration at a UNIVERSITY or similar.

    get my drift?

    looks like a lovely sample that we could use as a prop when we want to create a nasty story………..get outta here BOBBIE, you are an activist.

  26. If your looking for  mass grave sites  that contain dogs go to any Council tip,  and the largest contributor to these sites are the RSPC? ,that’s the advice coming out of local government bodies because its all documented in there land fill sites.

  27. BobWhitelaw  Perhaps they could put a few walking trails thru the council tip save Bobbi lowering herself down gullies and she wouldn’t need to plant anything. This smells of desperation to me Bob. Apparently she was cycling now must be fit or maybe you are right planning on dumping some rubbish herself and got caught. Oh no we are not dumping stuff we are on the hunt for mass graves. Who are these people? And even sadder why do they get air time. Did they check for truck tyre tracks you would need one to remove a “mass” grave.

  28. BobWhitelaw  I thinks so Bob – now it’s she was cycling – what up a gully? Yeah- how about no we were not dumping anything we were looking for mass graves because we love greyhounds. We should all be able to avoid tip fees using that line for a while.

  29. BobWhitelaw  Yes I was going out to the tip this afternoon to pay fees on top of my council rates but I might just dump it on the side of the road and if I get caught I’ll say I was looking for mass greyhound graves and the greyhound people dumped all this rubbish and stole all the bones.