Financial assistance confirmed as a part of Baird’s ban

JOHN Keniry, the head of the Greyhounds Transition Taskforce in charge of shutting down the industry, has re-assured participants that financial assistance will be available as a part of the transition package he is developing for the Government to assist those affected by Mike Baird’s ban on greyhound racing.

The bill to ban the industry was passed through the New South Wales Upper House last Wednesday and is expected to go before the Legislative Assembly next Tuesday. If it is passed through the Lower House, the ban will outlaw the sport within the state as of July 1, 2017.

While many participants are fearing the repercussions of the ban, Dr Keniry said the Government has committed itself to a variety of measures to ease people through the shutdown, including financial assistance.

“I have had many conversations with people working directly or indirectly in the greyhound industry since I was appointed by the Government last month to guide the industry to a humane and orderly closure,” Dr Keniry said.

“These discussions are an important part of my role to develop a detailed plan and provide advice to the Government on an assistance package that achieves the best way to transition those affected and their greyhounds.

“One of the many things I’m hearing is that financial assistance must form part of the transition package I am developing.

“I can reassure those working in the greyhound industry that the Government has committed to providing financial assistance to transition dogs and people out of the greyhound industry.

“The transition package will also include training programs, business advice, linkages with other Government and non-Government support services.

“Later this month I will be visiting several regional centres across NSW to hear first-hand the issues people are facing due to the closure on 1 July, 2017 to ensure as many views as possible form part of my report to Government.”

Keniry also indicated that the legislation before the parliament, the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016, also details a transition period which is yet to be determined to facilitate an orderly closure of the $335 million per year industry.

“The legislation stipulates that on 1 July 2017 greyhound racing in NSW will cease. However, there will be transition periods for other aspects of the greyhound racing industry.

“I will be providing advice to the Government based on my discussions with the industry on the most effective way to phase out other activities such as training, breeding and keeping greyhounds.

“The Government will then decide what assistance will be available to people affected by the closure. This is expected to be announced in late October and a new round of community consultation will begin to inform people what is available to them.

“As the closure of greyhound racing does not come into effect until 1 July 2017, I urge owners, breeders and trainers and all those affected by the closure to take their time before making any decisions about their future circumstances and the welfare of their dogs.”

Past Discussion


    and this comes from an administrator,whose sole resposnsibility is to secure the closure of the industry,as quickly and as conveniently as possibe.

    ok,then MR. KENIRY,then why has the BAIRD GOVERNMENT  BILL for the closure,have in it that NO COMPENSATION IS FORWITH?……….it says it in the bill.

    so we have to take your word,and your conversants word,that even though the bill says one thing, you want us to believe that it will happen?and the way BAIRD THE LIAR operates,see COAL MINING LICENCE as a bloody good example,you expect us to fall for that lame excuse of pain easing?

    and MR. KENIRY, if the so called good guy BAIRD is conversant in a positive changeover,then why is HE CONTINUING WITH DESTRUCTIVE ADVERTISING?…..this is not a man to trust,and as his representative,neither are you sir.

    I say,that just maybe,the stuff up in allowing every trainers EMAILS  ADDRESSES being leaked,has caused BAIRD AND YOU to offer some sort of white flag?….well,no good believing that story UNLESS that BILL is altered BEFORE THE BILL IS NEXT PRESENTED.

    this in my mind,is a very serious accusation being made by BAIRD./KENIRY,,and the right people like GOTBA/NSW need to be alerted to this fact. as I have shown before with the COAL MINING LICENCE BAIRD ALSO PROMISED COMPENSATION……..READ IT……AND HE INDIAN GAVE. GAVE THEM ZERO.

    no way is this story to be trusted. BOB/JOHN, you guys are close to GOTBA, and they need to have this at least conveyed to with there legal man.

    do not trust BAIRD with a statement like COMPENSATION WILL BE GIVEN.

  2. Compensation

    1. Click onto beyond blue or lifeline

    2. Go to the dole office

    3. If you cannot afford to feed your dogs some nice man at the RPCA will kill them for you.

    Amazing support gee thanks we will remember this next election day and the fact you leaked everyone’s private email addresses and suggested just delete it that should fix it well I am impressed I don’t know about anyone else.

  3. dogem53 Allegedly there is  an investigation into the adds supposedly authorised by the Justice Department. It is alleged they were not authorised by the Justice Department  but some-one else authorised them and added the Justice Department to make it seem well legal and justified. Yes the Premier appears to be happy to smear anyone to protect his ego and get his own way.




  5. Deborah555 ……..DEB…….sent off an email to KENIRY stating that is a virtual tease that interview. until that clause is altered on the BILL BEFORE PARLIAMENT,then it is just a lot of crap. there will be no compensation until that is written into the BILL.

    these frogs think we are so dumb.

    we should get as many trainers to email him at JUSTICE DEPARTMENT highlighting that exact situation. it is written NO COMPENSATION.

  6. dogem53 Deborah555  Yes some of them  are certainly not acting in an Honourable way despite their titles. They are supposed to be paid high level servants of democracy running the country and some of them are behaving like bullying nasty spiteful little school boys. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so incompetent and disgraceful as this campaign. The decent pollies must be worried and embarrassed.

  7. dogem53 Deborah555  Don’t you worry they will spend a fortune of the taxpayers money in an attempt to pretend they are compensating the greyhound people.

    This has certainly become a dogs dinner no-one wonder there are 700,000 people unemployed and an estimated million underemployed when this type of organisation is becoming evident while the rational intelligent pollies are simply ignored, Baird coats as much of Sydney with concrete as he can and sells off income producing assets to foreign buyers.

    I will wait with anticipation about their business advice- invest all your money in a business but understand at the stroke of a pen we can wipe it out or just get born to rich parents this is how some of us did it. Probably just another internet link to “how to set up your own small business” I would say.

  8. dogem53 Deborah555  As long as no one even so much as hints at a threat- apparently they are getting a bit twitchy although probably happy to let Grant cop it on his own, no one else seems to have been threatened maybe it  some national party conspiracy to shut him up before they all lose their seats.

          You will be hearing more about this over the coming days.

    But in a nutshell:

    There is a new political party being formed in direct response the to Baird/Grant greyhound ban.

    The new political party will be known as the Australian Sport and Racing Party (ASRP) and will seek to contest seats at the next state and federal elections. Key aims of the party will be to overturn the NSW Greyhound Prohibition Bill, and to lobby for fair and equitable support and sustainable growth of all codes of racing. The past month has proven unequivocally that there is a dire need for political representation with regards to racing and greyhound racing especially.

    It is a requirement of NSW electoral law that any new parties require 750 minimum members registered for the party to be properly registered. It will take another 12 months before the party will be able to stand a candidate under the Australian Sports and Racing Party banner. It is therefore pressing that the party become registered and in a position to be a “player” after the initial requirements are met.

    The party is accepting members nationally, but the quota requirements for now apply to NSW members only as that is the first state the party will be registered in.

    For more information please download the ASRP Membership Form (PDF) and contact the numbers on the form.
    ASRP PDF Membership Form

  9. Deborah555 was listening to ABC radio this afternoon, and presenter, NICOLE CHEVASTEK, a very honest media watchdog I must say, was interviewing some chap about the difference in media codes.

    obviously this bloke was pro ABC,and he was putting together a good assortment of arguments about why ABC report news to the public the way it does,whereas other COMMERCIAL media outles(tv/radio/print) like to set up the news programs based on a model of hard stuff in first part of news,then end with FLUFFY PUPPY PICTURES.

    in difference,he says the ABC hits hard and direct at the start,and finishes hard and direct. they sought to tell the new world audience,the type of audience that wants the truth,not shadowed softly bulletins,what really is happening in the world.

    well that is fine ABC, but when your reports and reporters discover there hard hitting media stories begin to look shabby and untrue,silence is your best response. no apologies,just next your mantra of honest,hard hitting stories loses it impetus and you lose your credibility,LIKE BAIRD DOES, when you do not show both sides of your hard hitting exposes.

    and one thing is certain in media.

    it is WHO owns that particular media,and how it IS ALLOWED TO BE PRESENTED BY THE OWNERS…… one discusses the truth behind that do they?

    no way a PACKER will allow,ora MURDOCH allow, news that shows them in a bad light.

    yes,the media are the KEEPERS OF THE FLAME.

  10. dogem53 Deborah555  I think the ABC was once hard hitting but the difference between them and the commercial stations that was once obvious is no longer obvious. They are just reducing themselves to sensationalism and obvious political bias and they have no excuse they are tax payer funded they don’t need to answer to share holders about profit.

  11. 99 years contract broken 81 years to go. worth about million per year raw figures equals .2 billion but how do you split it up. It is a bit like the old joke forget the million I will take the Billion and the administrator says forget the billion I will give you the million and the industry says deal.

    Only you will get offered the million they owe you anyway and they might stretch it out to or million.

    They might even say as a lot of people don’t make money out of greyhounds that you owe money to them.How do you compensate the NFP sector.

    The NSW GRCA conference running from 23rd August and workshops on 24th and 25th will use experts to assess damages.



    staff,including stewards of all people,are virtually being forced to resign,but are sticking fast to support the trainers etc;

    mate with your obvious closeness to GOTBA we need it pointed out that a possible STAND-OVER PERSON(NEWSON/GRANT/KENIRY)maybe  stressing staff so much as to leave so they,the GOONS GROUP, can shut down the industry earlier..

    I know there is a good chance that all correspondence is being recorded,as is usual in manouveres like this,so a way needs to be designed to find out.

    maybe a union involvement or unfair works commission or whatever to have a good chat with staff,and tell the heavies to piss off.

  13. dogem53 Deborah555 There are four layers of Government in Australia outside of shareholder companies . In order of NGP they are

    1. Federal

    2, Not for profit sector

    3. State Governments

    4.Local Councils.

    We are part of the NFP and at some level this is the first industrial attack on the NFP industry sector and this is a test case for the rest of the sector that the Government is trying to downsize as well. If I am correct then the Government will spend virtually hundreds of millions to see us destroyed in all ways so expect a very brutal industrial campaign and you have seen nothing yet.

    Sometimes, being the weakest link can be the biggest advantage but this is for the strategic section to look out.

    You can expect that compensation and damages will be strongly fought by Government as they are not worried about the dogs but they will worry about the greyhound model for compensation being the template for the whole of the NFP area.

    There is some potential for the greyhounds to receive ex gratia payments and damages not linked to compensation models in the NFP.

    The whole of the NFP network should be bankrolling the greyhounds defence.

    The State Government is crazy enough to bring down the whole of the NFP sector. They are gelding the Local Councils power in developments and challenging the Feds in policy leaving their traditional role as service providers. The current many million dollars development of the NSW public service into turning the chaps in cardigans into suits by reducing the administrative levels from 16 to 5 should force feed consultants and lead to more enemies within.

    The only group that the Government has any friendly relationship with is the Greens. They have lost the support of small business to big business and while they have powerful friends they only count as one vote each at elections. There love affair with the Greens will turn sour.

    My feeling is the greyhounds should stick in there and stick it up them. I would not be taking any wooden nickels.

  14. dogem53 John Tracey  The way the staff at GRNSW have been treated is nothing short of disgraceful as well.  The stewards I have met love racing as much as the owners and trainers. Attempting to humiliate and bully them and ruin their reputations as well as take away their jobs to get your own political way is wrong very wrong. I don’t care what anyone says I don’t think the staff at GRNSW (except for the head clown) is responsible for any of this.

  15. Made a call to the Justice  Department to find out a bit more about the so called assistance package for small business operators in the Greyhound Industry ,after talking to the young lady for about 20 minutes the feeling i got from her answers to my question   the only assistance small business will receive,  will be advise  on a restructure to venture into some other small business. When i ask about Financial  assistance” WOW i touch a nerve”, she then said i will get one of our  advisers to call you back..We  need the MEDIA like Ray Hadley to ask the question of Dr Keniry what is proposed to help these people who’s lives have been destroyed through no fault of their own

  16. Aaron the troll has been on the Guardian opinion poll for a while nobody interested so he moved back to the Telegraph where it is still same old same old ” they were gunna die anyway lets just kill the rest” this was about puppies I might add. Strange views for an animal lover. Bad luck this is reality is his constant chant. Some-one find him a job please.

  17. BobWhitelaw  It will be a while Bob the advisor is sorting out the catering arrangement for the taskforce’s lunches and travel expenses.