Frank Daros Disqualification Reduced On Appeal

On the same day as the Peter Passfield appeal, the Greyhound and Harness heard and determined an Appeal lodged by in relation his five months disqualifications as a result of to .

Officially Frank Daros’ positive swab to Nadrolone was the third to be unearthed in New South Wales since the advent of the ban on Anabolic Steroids that come in to force on the 1st July 2008.

At the time of the initial , Mr Daros admitted to of the Anabolic Steroid “” by his vet Dr E Humphries just two days after the Anabolic Steriod ban come in to force on July 1st 2008. Subsequently, Mr Daros pleaded guilty to the charges and Stewards disqualified Mr Daros for a period of five months.

Frank Daros appealed against the disqualification imposed by Stewards for 5 months as a result of a positive swab to Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid, in the post race urine sample taken from at on 23 July 2008.

The Appeals Tribunal reduced Frank Daros’ period of disqualification to 2 months, having regard to particular circumstances of the case, including that he pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity and that he had raced a large number of Greyhounds over a 38 year period, without a positive swab.

The Tribunal indicated that its decisions in the Daros Appeals turned upon facts peculiar to those matters and they should not be regarded as being precedents for subsequent decisions.

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