GBOTA Jumps Behind GRNSW Cameron Report Push

Chairman, , this week, threw the support of his organisation behind the push for the State Government to adopt, in full, the recommendations of ’s ‘A Review of and the future sustainability of the Racing Industry.’

Mr Mangafas said the case for supporting the ’s recommendations in full was very strong.

“The Government commissioned the report by an independent expert,” said Mr Mangafas.

“Cameron has stated that his report needs to be adopted in full and that’s what the Greyhound Industry must continue to call upon the Rees’ Government to do.”

Mr Mangafas said that the fixed percentage arrangement that applied to TAB distribution in NSW had now been shown to work to the disadvantage of all codes.

“The NSW racing code wagering activity in total is not keeping in touch with wagering growth trends”, explained Mr Mangafas.

“We have got a fixed distribution model and we are stagnant.

“The States on the move have at least a market share element in their profit distribution formula and this brings about the important link between performance and financial return.

“Without it, complacency sets in and surely this is the case in NSW if the two other codes are being subsidised by $9m a year by the greyhound code.”

Mr Mangafas said he hoped that the thoroughbred and harness codes in NSW would be able to see the merits of shifting to a distribution formula that rewards performance.

“I genuinely think it would put everybody on their toes and lead to greater initiative, better ideas and growth across each of the codes,” stated Mr Mangafas.

“And it is not just me saying it, it is people like Alan Cameron and how long has NSW TAB been stating that it sees great overall potential in a more performance driven distribution formula.”

But while hoping all codes could see the merit in changing the distribution model, he said it was essential that the State Government drove the process if co-operation was not forthcoming.

“The Government has legislated for new peak bodies in each code, it has introduced Race Field Legislation all for the greater good.

“The Cameron Report has the same lofty objective (greater good) and must be supported by the Minister for Gaming and Racing, and his colleagues.

“Cameron has stated that if the codes themselves cannot agree to a better set of commercial arrangements, then the Government should intervene… I would hope the Minister will give the NSW Greyhound Industry this assurance.”

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