GHRRA Give Elective Testing The Go Ahead

The GHRRA Board considered a proposal, that elective urine testing for a specific substance in a Greyhound to ensure there are no specific prohibited substances in its system, be introduced.

After careful consideration the following Policy has been adopted.

Effective immediately, participants may make written application to Stewards requesting elective urine testing of their Greyhound for a specific substance.

The following conditions apply to each application:
• Application must be in writing on the appropriate form available from Stewards.
• Approval must be granted by Stewards.
• Participant is responsible for payment of the applicable fee, with payment required prior to the sample being obtained.
• The sample is collected in accordance with the ARFL Non-Race Day Urine
Collection Guidelines.

Information and conditions for testing are available on the GHRRAwebsite.

Should any participant wish to utilise this service or require any further information, please feel free to contact Michael Hurley, Chair, GHRRA Stewards.

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