Go Bronco Trainer Receives Two Year Disqualification

, yesterday, concluded an into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Greyhound after it was left abandoned in the vehicle of registered Trainer, following the Meeting on 12 January 2008.

Barrister, Grant Brady, representing Terry Darragh, provided evidence to the Inquiry as to the psychological state of mind of Terry Darragh at the time of the incident, including an independent psychological report.

After consideration of the evidence, Stewards charged Terry Darragh with a breach of Rule 106(2) which requires a registered person to exercise sufficient care to ensure a Greyhound in his/her care does not endure unnecessary pain or suffering.

Stewards also charged Terry Darragh with a breach of Rule 86(d) in relation to him providing a false statement to Authority Stewards during the investigation.

Grant Brady pleaded Guilty to both charges, on behalf of Terry Darragh.

After careful consideration Terry Darragh was disqualified for two (2) years for his breach of Rule 106(2) and fined $550 for his breach of Rule 86(d).

The Disqualification is effective immediately.

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