Greyhound ban: Borsak announces plans to target Nationals

THE Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has condemned NSW Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant after their legislation to ban greyhound racing passed through the NSW Lower House in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Robert Borsak, who represents the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party in the NSW Legislative Council said the ban will have far reaching effects across the country.

“This ban engineered by Mike Baird and Troy Grant has given The Greens the ammunition they need to start a national campaign against greyhound racing – which they are launching with controversial Senator Lee Rhiannon today in Canberra,” Mr Borsak said.

“I’m sure that Baird’s ban is part of a pay-off for The Greens’ support of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s ill-considered Senate voting reforms.

“Since the Nationals and Liberals have chosen to side with The Greens and alienate their conservative base and rural areas, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party will be fighting the ban in New South Wales. We won’t stop!”

Borsak was critical of the NSW Nationals Party, who form part of the Coalition government, who he believes have sold out their regional constituents by supporting the ban.

“The Nationals have become lazy when it comes to representing regional communities because in most seats there has not been an electable alternative competing against them. That will now change.

“We will campaign against The Nationals in the Orange By-Election, and will be targeting all National Party seats, and some held by the Liberal Party, at the 2019 NSW election.

“Where the Nationals have failed to stand up for rural areas, we will succeed.”

With three members of the National Party crossing the floor and two Liberal MPs abstaining from the vote on Wednesday morning, Borsak hinted that the leadership of both parties should now be called into question.

He said the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party will continue to advocate for the survival and reform of NSW greyhound racing and will work with any like-minded parties of government.

“With Mike Baird and Troy Grant’s leadership now on the rocks after last night’s greyhound racing ban, and the possibility that both may be rolled by their respective parties, there is still a chance for the Liberal and National Parties to atone for their actions and repeal the ban under a new leader.

“The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party will work alongside anyone that is actively working to reinstate the greyhound racing industry after this unfair ban of an industry that was doing the right thing.”

The announcement by the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party to go up against all National MPs at the next election comes as the greyhound industry itself has announced plans to form its own party in response to the ban.

Dubbed the Australian Sport and Racing Party, the ASRP was founded by trainer Ray Pitstock and will focus on overturning the ban, while also providing a voice for all codes of racing and sports who believe their industries are misrepresented within the government.

“The party is for all people who feel as though we have been given a raw deal and don’t want the same thing to happen to their industry,” Pitstock told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“It’s totally un-Australian…there are a lot of people affected here. It will end up affecting about 30,000 – 40,000 people once the whole thing comes into effect.

“So many people rely on the industry and it gives a lot of people – especially the elderly – a reason to get up in the morning.

“What will these people have to live for once it’s been taken away?”

Past Discussion

  1. That’s the best news out of MacQuarie Street so far this week, its a step in the right direction to re build our industry  its up to us to get on board .


    Copied with permission from

    Charlie Wilson

    Hi Guys, This post mainly applies for those of you who live in NSW and are now affected by the ban on Greyhound Racing due to come into effect in July 2017. To those who know me personally, they will understand what I’m about to say and how I am about to explain it.
    Firstly, guys – stop with the negativity and pick yourselves up and be resilient. The people who fight for what’s right are the people who are successful. What happened last night was a massive change for the history of Greyhound Racing. BUT it could also be very beneficial to anybody who has balls! I know from personal experience, because I have done it myself – and won – against the government, an individual can file an injunction against legislation to cease a decision made by federal or state law.
    So what I’m saying is that you need to put this into 2 parts; the ban is in place. You can’t change the governments decision. That’s final. BUT it’s not up to the government to decide who is at an economic loss or how much compensation an individual is due as a result of the ban.
    I am good friends with a human rights barrister, Greg Barns. Please Google him and familiarise yourselves with him if you are unsure as to who he is. I spoke with him this morning on the phone and I asked him the specific questions that needed to be answered for this:
    1. Can an individual file an injunction against Mike Baird/the NSW State Government? His answer was, YES, there is a legal argument for it.
    2. There needs to be economic loss, which stems as a result of the decision made by the government early this morning. For example, the ban taking your trainers license – that’s economic loss. An individual can take an injunction against this legislation and have it brought before a Magistrate.
    I personally did this with a very large government organization and every legal professional laughed at me when I did it. But I’m telling you, it will work!
    You have 37,000 petitions. How much is that in economic loss? Imagine is a class action was filed for that amount of economic loss. Mr. Baird would hang himself! No government could afford to get out of that.
    Mr. Barns has said to me this morning in our conversation, that he WILL represent the greyhound racing industry and would be willing to challenge economic loss.
    Guys, at 3:30 this morning, every greyhound asset in this country just decreased in value dramatically. This should have already been done and filed when this decision was handed down early this morning.
    As I live in Victoria, I cannot take this action myself. If I was in NSW however, I would prove a point and put my name on the line to show you that it could be done. So, I’m asking all participants, workers and owners, anyone affected by this ban, to listen to what I’m saying as I’m only trying to help you all.
    If you are unsuccessful with the above, you can file a complaint for litigation through the human rights commission of Australia for compensation from the state. There are many avenues that can be taken.
    I have spoken to the best in the industry today and what I get and take from it is Mr Baird has you all bullied and in a hole. I reiterate again, this Barrister is the absolute cream. He has represented some of the biggest cases our country has seen. He is an ex political advisor to the Howard Government. The Howard Government was a Liberal Party, who is the party currently in power right now in NSW? He knows exactly how the party works and thinks.
    Guys, everybody has too many things going through their heads and you all need to start thinking outside the box. Take a step back, remove all the negative thoughts about the situation, and think long and hard about what Ive just said. Governments CAN be sued and held liable. Please do read up about Mr. Barns. You can contact me directly as he advised me to find any people that are interested in proceeding with this action.
    Do not rely on your governing bodies to fix the problem in fact they will probably stuff it up more!! The quicker you act the faster you rattle the government. For example if you have a car accident when do you go to the doctors a week later ? or straight away? Its not overly complex anyone can walk into a court house and file anything the

  3. what pees me off,regardless of what past leaders of the industry have done,and some bloody badly I must say,is the refusal by the twin head honchos(baird/grant)to ignore any abilities to reform through very well thought out packages to improve the industry. just turn a back on any proposals. this is a two men acting like spoilt kids who refuse to listen to a parent.

    I agree some past histrionics by our leaders,in fact ignorance is a better word,of what a leader group is responsible for,is the main reason we find ourselves in the shithouse today. one cannot deny that. even in Victoria,for years there were cries of foul play,and even at the top,but those screaming foul play were never listened to.

    this industry,it is now proven,cannot be self-regulated. no way. no dog person no matter how long entrenched in the industry,no matter how much experience they have in any of the fields(trainer/breeder/admin etc;) can be in charge of GRNSW or any of the state codes.history proves this as true.

    corruption has followed wherever dog people are in charge(and horses etc;).one only has to speak with many,and I speak with many,there thoughts on even there own local clubs,and the response is not good.

    troy grant says on paul murrays show last night,we have had so many chances,so many promises of reformation,and yet, for some reason,we smile and revert back. you cannot do that,otherwise,actions repel promises and here we are today.but the small guy has no real say. he sees the wrongs,but gets talked down by the leadersand we suffer. the small guy suffers all the time, so grant is not 100% right. the leaders f… up, not the small guy.

    this industry,like in grv,can survive without dog people interference. many sports have been pulled out of very difficult situations by complete outsiders,successful in other business fields(john Bertrand comes to mind with swimming Australia)and grv are showing this. I recall when the new board was announced,and along came alan clayton,and he was booed and jeered by nearly all, but look what he has achieved. the sport is thriving here now. no dog people influence,even the GOTBA has a minor input,a very minor inputbecause they have stuck fast in the old ways. same as in any state.

    remove that self-regulation and fill with outside,successful business motivators,and this sport will survive.

    BUT also get what is really owed by shelling the intercode agreement. and it can be done. how?

    the target is now being drawn directly at the horse industry by the greenies and activists,they are coming for them. they think,like we did, that it wont happen to them.many say its because of the connection in high places…….so do we, so that is not a cop out.

    and if they come under attack,and look like going down,they would be thinking crikey we need the dog group,we should settle by giving them there share of the intercode agreement. we survive again,which is a big possibility, we need that extra 8% dutifully owed. the new change of government will see to that. as with BAIRD, a FOLEY can tear up any old contracts and reset….just like BAIRD did.

    so the horse people should think,we survive with our fair share. if it goes awry,we have nothing. why did we not see this coming. give them there fair share.

    proposals like AGR’s on this site,a re brilliant. wont get a run because of that intercode agreement. that is unfair.

  4. Spot on Mate, and i laugh at Grants comments  on Paul Murray’s Show, this failed police officer now failed Minister of our industry is trying to shift the Blame  when he had the power to act and choose not too,even though his Chief of Staff was aware of the problems in the Sport and choose to ignore them.Now Baird will be moving Grant into another portfolio before the next election what does that tell you .Well in my book that’s admission  of failure by the Deputy Premier  TROY GRANT and demotion.


    a few weeks back, I included in a posting,reference to taking out an INJUNCTION against BAIRDS GOVERNMENT using hostile advertising WHILST the prohibition had not passed its debate day and acceptance. that only occurred TUESDAY.

    I know JOHN TRACEY alerted me to the cost facts and possible hardship in trying to bring on an injunction(somewhere in one of these posts).

    well, now we see a member of the dog industry,advising people to do exactly that..take out an injunction.

    we just need the right legal advice when searching for avenues, and it appears that this GREG BARNS, a most decorated and learned person,is that man.

    I motion another avenue to consider….RESTRAINT OF TRADE……..and believe me,there are off-shoots TO ANY ARGUMENT THAT IT CANNOT BE USED. I BELIEVE,LEGALLY IT CAN.

    those who have ABN numbers, to operate a small business,whhich a breeding/training/racing establishment is, was denied the rights to operate BEFORE THE BILL WAS PASSED ON TUESDAY.

    restricting the ability to SELL pups or race dogs or broods by GRNSW under NEWSON/BAIRDS threats,is a restraint of trade at that time,because the BILL had not been passed.and demanding they seek authorisation to do such,was again a restraint of normal trade,and a far right movement from GRNSW’s normal trading with a wa not a requirement at the time.

    not having to seek authorisation BEFORE,how can they now put restrictions of movements of dogs/pups/broods/equipment etc; to out of state positions? they cannot. that is/was a restraint of trade,and anyone who held an ABN has in my eyes, a genuine chance of a legal attack on the GRNSW and the BAIRD GOVERNMENT.

    if I was an ABN holder, and my main source of income was my greyhound property and its inners, go for it. seek legal advice,and get an INJUNCTION prohibiting any bans by GRNSW FOR NORMAL movement of your stock(dogs etc;) to any other state,by GRNSW and the BAIRD MACHINE.

  6. hypocrite BAIRD…….the animal killer.

    yep, it is true.

    a story by MILES GODFREY of the daily telegraph wrote;


    list this;

    3000 dogs a year approved for experiments by BAIRD.

    3093 IN YEARS 2013/4

    3655 IN YEAR 2012/3.

    don’t say the RSPCA did not know of this….in fact,they supply we know where there figures are so high.


    1830 rabbits…….what? isn’t that what we are not allowed to use?

    also listed were, pigs,cattle,horses,and sheep…..all approved by the god loving,animal cruelty detective MIKE BAIRD……..ex investment banker.

    why has this not been highlighted.

    wghat says WHITE/AARON/HUGH…………come forth gents,interested in what you have to say now.

  7. I posted this on Mike Baird’s facebook page in response to his post about the legislation being passed to ban the Greyhound Industry.  Funny it did not get responded to.  

    Some see this as a great day, the end of the greyhound industry. Personally I have no interest in the greyhound racing or any of the horse racing,. Some say it is a great day for animal welfare and animal rights etc, but really it is a sad day for that exact reason. Mike Baird and NSW State Government had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something great and go down in history for doing something great for animal welfare and animal right but instead he took a very lazy and easy option of banning Greyhound racing. No more greyhound racing no more animal welfare issues. How wrong can you be. This course of action is akin to the phrase about good men and doing the right thing and good men doing nothing. In reality Mike Baird has taken the course of doing nothing. Everything was there for a good man to do a good thing but he failed. The Greyhound Industry was still undergoing recent changes and further changes could have been as easily implemented as it was as easy to ban the industry. Now with the industry banned do we look at banning other animal industries, such as all horse racing? The opportunity to introduce legislation that would have flow on implications to the improvement of animal welfare, not just greyhounds but all aspects of animal welfare from puppy farms to horse racing has been lost. Mike baird will gone down in history as the man who banned Greyhound Racing but he should also go down in History as the man who did nothing and missed a golden opportunity to greatness for animal welfare. Sad day indeed.

  8. I just hope the people in Orange electorate in this by election that is coming up, think about of the destruction of people lives in Country towns  and Orange is one area that has many industries closed while under the Liberal/ National government has been in power .These people are depressed and down- hearted with the way they have  been treated by BAIRD and GRANT, But you watch the cash will be thrown at Orange by these DECEITFUL pair in the next couple of months .The people of Orange you deserve better and this time there are better candidates who will put Orange first  and you can put Baird and Grant on notice we are not happy with the way you have destroyed our lives with many decisions that have effected our way of life.

  9. dogem53 Thanks for that, The quantum loss in wagering receipts is the 13% of the Tab Commission Pool which has never been tied to market performance and in the case of the Influenza Epidemic in NSW the horses received their fixed percent share without providing any racing in NSW. It seems to me that the 13% loss to the greyhound racing Associations and Companies and the 10% of the future fund fixed for 5 years and then reviewed should be included in the mix. The racing agreements are over 99 years of which 18 years are gone so if a lump sum factor is given it should take into account the factor of 81 years left to run. Also the above submission was joined by a possible class action for the payments of volunteers and NFP clubs on the grounds of reasonable expectations.

    These submissions were presented to the various supporting  greyhound groups and the Allied group and it was decided to hold (box them) as the focus needed to be on initially trying to defeat the legislation. The premier tried to deflect the debate by introducing compensation or relief within the Bill.

    This is the sixth campaign against the country  non tab clubs since the commercial arrangements but the first attempted by Government. These actions have caused a growth in cronic depression, this is evident in one or the non tab clubs who had a dud e-mail address when I left the Board of GRNSW in 2007 and they still have the dame dud e-mail address today. This is a sure sign of cronic depression. I agree with what Dogem is saying but things need to be run through the allied group as there can be exposure to Government costs in taking out legal actions . In other industrial actions I have been involved in Goverment’s happily will spend million in costs to get fluke directions that will send companies broke for million.