Greyhound participants celebrate Mike Baird’s resignation

CONTROVERSIAL NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced his retirement, declaring he will be leaving the world of politics next week.

The unexpected decision did not come with a concrete explanation when posted to his personal Twitter account on Thursday morning.

“As I have reflected on the approaching halfway mark of our current term of government, and the opportunity it presents to refresh the Cabinet team, I have decided that this is the perfect time for me to hand the reins over to a new Premier,” his statement read.

“Next week there will be a Liberal party-room meeting and a spill of leadership positions.

“Following that meeting, I will resign from Parliament, effective immediately. It has also been an immense honour to represent the people of Manly since 2007, and my retirement from politics will enable fresh leadership for my community.”

Baird has faced stiff criticism in the past six months over a range of issues such as the ban on greyhound racing, lockout laws and council amalgamations.

Acting with former deputy Premier and former leader of the Nationals Troy Grant, Baird announced in July last year that greyhound racing would be banned in NSW from July 1, 2017.

The ban saw Baird’s approval rating fall from 61 per cent to 31 per cent by September, with his dissatisfaction rate more than doubled.

The ban was reversed in October following mounting pressure from the opposition, the greyhound racing fraternity and the general public who felt it was unnecessarily punishing the majority of participants who were abiding by the rules of racing.

Despite reversing the ban, the Nationals lost the Orange by-election in November to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party’s Phil Donato, the first time the Nats had failed to fill the seat since 1947.

Consequently, Grant was forced to step down as Deputy leader, with his position filled by John Barilaro, his close friend, who also voted in favour of the greyhound racing ban when the legislation passed through parliament last year.

At this stage it is unknown who will replace Baird as the NSW Premier, however his resignation has been met with elation from many within the greyhound industry.

Prominent Central Coast breeder and trainer Noelene Holloway welcomed the news when informed by Australian Racing Greyhound.

“It is excellent news because the bloke was a disgrace – he had no time or respect for the greyhound owners and trainers [by announcing the ban],” she said.

“His retirement shows — thank God — we live in a democracy and it enforces that people still hold the power.

“Not only was it greyhound racing participants – but it was all people in NSW – he had no respect for anyone and just did what he wanted – he was a mini dictator.

“If he made his decisions to make a name for himself it certainly worked because he will be known as the worst premier ever.”

Fellow NSW trainer Amanda Ginn was gobsmacked at his resignation and was lost for words when quizzed for her response.

“They say if you make a wish 1000 times it will come true – but I still can’t believe it,” Ginn said.

“I honestly never thought it would happen…I’m ecstatic.”

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Past Discussion

  1. Well i believe after Stan Grants 7.30 report on Monday on Blackwattle Bay,  Fish Market  re development involvement by Baird and  some developers  was the catalyst for him to bail out  .  Some are saying there is more to come re this issue, how consequential he  lesson the powers of ICAC  and now he’s resigned .i feel this is major win for Greyhound Racing here in NSW.

  2. BOB.

    he took a long sabattical,and had some ‘thinking time’ to ponder over the warnings from within his own party. he was confronted,after the ORANGE elections,to stand down.remember just after there were rumblings and his typical arrogant retort of I AM GOING NOWHERE..well that meant ,take me on at your peril. they did,and he walked.

    I don’t want to be a cruel bugger,and I wont,but his family health situation,shows him very clearly that this also happens outside his own come it matters for him now,and it never mattered to anyone else in the same situation?

    some have to experience pain,hurt and difficulty in there own life,to clearly understand what happens to people when you destroy there livliehoods and futures. he may well have meant well,but he got above himself because the weak fed him crap about how damn good he was.and when you wipe off all the negative replies on your facebook page,and only allow positives,it eventually haunts you that after all you are actually HATED when its put in front of your face….continually.

    social media in the end,his favourite past time,has brought about his down fall. many by passed his ridiculous self guided positive controls,and got that message out he was ruining the state.

    good riddance and it was noted his ex confidant,TROY GRANT now covers his face with a bushy….well,well, cant handle being recognised as a failure still?

  3. No one in NSW greyhounds will be sad to see him go after the torture we have endured.

    Now is the ideal time for the INDUSTRY to unite as one to make sure the repealing of the ban happens NOW, and that the the detail is workable for everyone to survive and prosper.

  4. Bluestone Now we must work on removing the Leech’s who are trying to hang on to power that brought us near to destruction with the Greyhound Industry here in NSW  . Its all  about to be revealed about the dirty deals done dirt cheap and embezzlement by some ! and i hope that the  retribution is harsh and that will be rewarding for many who have fought hard to right the wrongs here in NSW. 

  5. BobWhitelaw Bluestone  sounds like that may already been contemplated BOB.

    my whispering tweeters,say many will be shocked with what is about to go down,and one group will be savaged badly and a new direction taken…..without them.

    the embezzlement part,would this coincide with MR.IEMMA and MR.DOBBIN THE ROB(B)IN(G) have a consult….privately?