Greyhound Racing NSW finally answers some questions

GREYHOUND Racing NSW () has broken its silence to address several pertinent rumours which have developed since Premier announced plans to outlaw the sport within NSW as of July 1, 2017.

That statement was on July 7 and since then the state’s authority body has kept very quiet, releasing just a handful of press releases, including a devastating decision to suspend all non-TAB racing pending a review.

Among the recent announcement was an amended Greyhound Racing Regulation document – which came into effect without warning or consultation on July 15, 2016.

The new regulation requires all owners of registered greyhounds to notify GRNSW in writing before transferring any dogs to another registered owner or to an approved program.

Additionally, participants must gain written consent from GRNSW if they wish to retire a greyhound from racing, export a greyhound overseas, transfer a greyhound to an unregistered person or destroy a greyhound.

Anyone found to have breached the Regulation is liable to a maximum fine of up to $550, while GRNSW have also reserved the right to take further action against participants for breaching the new rule.

GRNSW also responded to concerns from participants after the NSW Government stated that participants have three weeks to name their dogs, saying that they have sought further clarification on the topic, but until then it is business as usual.

“GRNSW is seeking clarification from the NSW Government about this statement and will communicate an answer to participants as soon as possible,” the statement read.

“In the interim GRNSW must continue to discharge its functions under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009 including to control, supervise and regulate greyhound racing in NSW, as well as register greyhounds, owners and trainers of greyhounds.

“Given the NSW Government’s policy announcement to end greyhound racing in NSW, GRNSW anticipates restrictions on breeding activities for the purposes of greyhound racing in NSW may apply at a future date.

“Given the NSW Government announcement and current uncertainty in regard to potential restrictions on future breeding activities, GRNSW recommends you assess available information and make a considered decision relevant to your individual circumstances. Completed applications will continue to be processed until further notice.

“While GRNSW is still accepting breeding applications, it urges participants to be mindful of the NSW Government’s announcement and notes that participants may not necessarily be eligible for assistance in respect of these greyhounds.”

GRNSW also confirmed the (GAP) program is still operating as per normal, with extra efforts being made to increase capacity to assess, accept and re-home as many greyhounds as possible in a timely manner.

Additionally, GRNSW are still accepting licence registrations and are urging all participants to report any integrity matters as the body continues to increase its presence and activities to ensure the and integrity of the industry is not compromised.

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5 years ago

If greyhound racing in NSW is closed down, that would mean the entire function of GRNSW  would cease.

Having ceased, they would have no juristiction over future breeding or transfers?

How could an extinct organisation have any control over anybody?

btw, I strongly recommend that all owners & trainers download their dogs form  from the website, while it still exists