Greyhound training and breeding could be allowed in NSW after ban

GREYHOUND training could potentially continue in New South Wales until 2022, five years after racing is banned within the state, under the draft recommendations currently being considered by the NSW Greyhounds Transition Taskforce.

The Taskforce is being led by Dr John Keniry, the co-ordinator general, who has recently been travelling across regional parts of NSW to gather information before making his final decision on an industry transition package which will explain the process of closing the greyhound racing industry step-by-step.

Keniry is expected to hand down his final report to NSW Premier Mike Baird by the end of September.

Two vital dates have already come to the surface amongst the draft recommendations, with 2022 mapped as the end date for greyhound training within NSW and 2019 for the end to greyhound breeding.

However, dates won’t be finalised until KPMG modelling outlining the economic impact of the transition is released to the taskforce next week.

Amongst this modelling is consideration in regards to the economic impact on greyhound trainers and the need to control an orderly flow of greyhounds to the various animal welfare groups so that they are not inundated with dogs when the sport is banned from July 1, 2017.

Dr Keniry, who has said at regional community meetings that the training of greyhounds to compete in interstate events could continue for three to five years, also told Fairfax Media “The recommendations report is a draft only, nothing has been finalised and it has not been submitted to government. I am still conducting consultations with the industry and with members of the taskforce.” 

The Baird government will decide on a finalised transition package after cabinet considers Dr Keniry’s report, with this package expected to be announced by November.

Past Discussion

  1. This is kicking us all in the face with this crap. We can race till 2022 but Baird shut it down due to animal welfare issues this just goes to prove that it’s about the land and Wenty park putting Ultimo school at Wenty and developing the old school into high rise buildings, who is going to drive 10 to 12 hours each way 2 or 3 times a week to qld or Victoria absolute joke . Mike Baird and the translation is a slap in the face

  2. impact  I think they are very worried about all the dogs turning up at once to the rehoming and RSPCA  come July 2017 when the money runs out. If this happens they will be overwhelmed and most of the dogs will be put down. This would be political suicide, given their claims this is all about welfare. I have spoken to a couple of the rehoming places and they are worried and have told me they are putting pressure on politicians about what will happen if racing suddenly comes to an end. Keniry to his credit has told Baird “they are very attached to those dogs” and even a dullard like Baird knows 15000 dead greyhounds is not a good look. If this happens the animal welfare people will turn on them as well. I have a friend in an anti greyhound racing rehoming group and although we disagree vigorously about racing her group do love greyhounds and they have assured me that they are putting pressure on the pollies about this problem. They will not tolerate a mass killing nor are they prepared to wear the blame when it all goes pear shaped. Baird thought he could just palm this problem off and move on. I don’t think so.

    I think this continuation is an attempt to stop the number of dogs being put down. We just need to keep the pressure up on them. Even the gutless pollies who went along with Baird  claiming “they are now  putting all their energies into a humane closure”  they must be worried about their seats.  

    When I emailed Adam Crouch (the portly ex printer member for Terrigal) about his still vocal support for the ban –  he claimed they were going to use the interstate betting money to feed the ex racers- I suggested to him he must have heard how people cannot believe the hypocrisy of taking interstate money from “this cruel industry” while banning it in NSW and now apparently you can race them over the border in this “cruel” industry as long as the betting money comes back to Baird. The stench of hypocrisy gets worse every day.

    This is an absolute mess and I think they will pay dearly at the ballot box.  We just need to keep the pressure up on the pollies.

  3. Todman  I spoke to Keniry at a meeting and as you would be aware I say what I think in no uncertain terms and he is worried about what to do about all these dogs. Baird is using him to clean up the mess he has created. ( he didn’t say that I think that)  Keniry does not want to see thousand of dogs put down.

  4. Keniry. Will do what Grant and Baird want him too, and that’s a fact, I am told that there is a big chance we will win the court case, but the Alliance!s secrecy worries me.

  5. Todman  I agree Todman that Grant and Baird will do want they want and if it suits them ignore him. I have a pretty good shyt detector and I got the impression that Keniry did not want to see thousands of dogs put down. He’s not a pollie he’s a very educated public servant. I think he’s doing his best but he is ruled by the mongrels  I agree.

    I have also spoken to Brenton Scott  and he has no choice but to deal in secret. The can’t let their strategies out in public if the want to win in the courts. I think they are doing a good job.

  6. That’s a cop out from Brenton Scott unless they have an ace up their sleeve, which I doubt, Brenton was in charge when this mess developed, he was part of the problem, now he wants to be part of the solution, me I Dont trust GBOTA’s anywhere they don’t have a track record of success.,hope I am wrong even though I am in Queensland I am a blue and the aim was always to win one at Wenty.

  7. Deb,Todman ,Impact, For the last 15 years I and  a few others have been trying to bring to the attention to the POLITICIANS the problems that exist in the Greyhound Racing here in NSW. Deb the GBOTA and the NCA for many years  played a part in some of the problems in our Sport with empire building  and because of self interest ,the NCA fell over, which was probably to late but it needed to happen. The GBOTA were not far behind them in the area of mismanagement of the industry. Now that the stand over tactics of the Former CEO of GRNSW  is gone, we believe Scott is acting in the best interest of himself and the industry because if the industry shuts down he’s out of a job and who is going to employ a failure.The figure 19000  is more like 23000 because GRNSW have not included in their data Greyhounds born before 2011 that are still in the system all over NSW its only since 2013 they started to keep records of all the dogs in the system. With what Keniry is preaching is to try and reduce backlash from the people of NSW who are disdainful with decision of BAIRD and GRANT to close Greyhound Racing here in NSW .Whether Scott and others are doing the right thing still remains to be fruitful , As for KENIRY and GIBBONS they were hand picked by  BAIRD and GRANT to shut us us down,and if i was ask to attend any meeting with this puppets i would tell them to shove their meetings up Baird and Grants arse. I will finish with saying we must stay UNITED  which has never been the case with industry, i feel now we are,its a war on the government and i feel we are winning the battle,the Orange By-Election will be a big test of our solidarity and i can tell you all, that BUS LOADS of soldiers from the Hunter will be there on the 12th lobby for support from the Locals to save our sport.

  8. BobWhitelaw  I agree Bob that the fact we are all united is the most powerful thing we have going for us, which is why I will not criticise Brenton ( I actually do think he is doing a good job ) and if we remain united behind him we can win. I don’t care what his motives are as long as he does a good job. I have heard criticism that he is not openly aggressive enough but to me that is rubbish he has to behave as he is doing to win in the courts and in the public opinion arena. The rest of us can be openly hostile he has to behave differently he is taking the fight to a different arena where the rules are different.

    I agree Newson and Keniry were hand picked but Keniiry is a much more intelligent man than Newson and he can see the writing on the wall if all the dogs were to be put down and in all honesty aside from the political ramifications he is just about to retire and I don’t think he would want thousands of dead dogs to be his parting legacy (that was the impression I got of him anyway).

     I also agree that there are probably at least another 4000 on top of the 19000 and this would be a terrible mass grave the worst in greyhound history and  any politician who wants a part of that so stupid and vicious they would pay a huge price – as well they should.

  9. Just noticed Brenton Scott has released the secret about the Constitution,, big secret I mentioned it months ago and several usual nutters on GD have been going on about it for months, so it was never a secret, Brenton Scott is not the Messiah, he was a main part of the problem, Secret what secret? I hope we win because winning is the only thing that matters and even if we win with a Bradbury thru Brenton Scott I will be happy.

  10. Todman  I think rather than secret probably discretion might be a better word than how I put it. When a matter is before the courts there are very strict rules regarding discussing the matter if you are involved. The person who caused this problem is Mr Mike Baird.

  11. Now Baird has allowed extension of a Mine in the upper hunter which is going to have a major effect horse studs and the local community with jobs ! this will kill some small towns in the upper hunter, but i’ll bet you all that Warringah is safe ! 

  12. BobWhitelaw  Yes he has a safe seat but he is making a lot of other people’s seats very unsafe and they will only tolerate that for so long.

  13. So Doctor Kaniry thinks that another 5 years till 2022 will fix everything.  What a bloody load of codswallop and another Baird / Liberal Party smoke screen. What happens after that?

    Nothing short of a reversal of this ban is good enough Doctor.

  14. lone widow  It is a start – I think Baird losing face would be too much otherwise although I am pretty sure that the liberasl in marginal seats and the nationals are hammering him I don’t think he can just can the ban he has to figure out how to save face as well. Keniry can see all the dogs being put down and I don’t think he wants that happening.

  15. Dr. Canary will sing from the same Hymn Book as Baird, don’t fall for that trick it’s all we want and that includes charges for people who deliberately gave false evidence including Working Dog alliance potentially false evidence. GBOTA should be disbanded in all states and a new organisation with non brain dead participants elected.

  16. Deborah555 lone widow Baird said yesterday to Luke Foley there will be no back flip on the Greyhounds and he does not care what the result is in Orange its only a NATS seat and that’s Grants problem! How would you like to go to WAR with this Grub ?

  17. BobWhitelaw Deborah555 lone widow  Yes he is a treacherous snake happy to use everyone and anyone  to clean up his mistakes and let all the Liberals in marginal seats and the Nationasl lose their seats to prove he is compassionate when everyone knows he isn’t . They will not take that lying down. He will and is getting a backlash from  his own party.