GRNSW Announce TAB Grading Policy Review

GRNSWGreyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) today announced a formal review of the TAB Grading Policy. The current TAB Grading Policy was introduced in November 2007 after extensive industry consultation, including the establishment of a Grading Policy Reference Group which featured representation from all sectors of the industry.

Following initial feedback to the new policy GRNSW made some minor amendments in February of this year to deal with matters of concern.

The amendments were primarily:

    • The reintroduction of guarding for all maiden races and heats / semi-finals of events;
    • Greyhounds within the same Grade being drawn based on total category wins ahead of their Point Score; and
    • The introduction of a clause preventing fourth grade greyhounds with less than four wins from being drawn in a Free for All.

At the launch of the new policy in November GRNSW signalled its intention to conduct a full review after six months of operation. With this time period now passed GRNSW Chief Executive Brent Hogan said feedback on how the policy has been received is welcome.

“The primary goal of the new TAB Grading Policy was to maximise the racing careers and earning potential of performed greyhounds in NSW, thereby ensuring a better standard of greyhound racing in the state. We want to know if the industry thinks that the policy is achieving that objective,” Hogan said.

“Constructing a grading policy that pleases everyone is almost impossible, however, the policy should be a living document and should be able to change if the rationale is strong enough.

“We have shown that we are prepared to listen to the industry and make changes which try to improve grading in the State. It is easy to criticise, but this is another opportunity for participants to be heard and we encourage constructive comments and ideas on grading as part of this process,” said Hogan.

Submissions can address any area of the policy, but GRNSW is particularly interested in participant feedback in areas such as:

    • The effectiveness of the current guarding rules
    • Increased racing opportunities for performed greyhounds
    • The ability of greyhounds to move between grades appropriately
    • Competition between greyhounds of differing levels of experience
    • Effect of the new policy with regard to a greyhound’s location in the state

Submissions will be accepted for one month, closing on Thursday 31 July, 2008. Submissions may be placed on the GRNSW website in order for an open discussion to take place during the review.

Following the receipt of submissions GRNSW will re-convene the Grading Policy Reference Group to consider the feedback and any changes which may be deemed necessary. Should changes be recommended a draft will be released for comment late in August.

A full copy of the current TAB Grading Policy is available to be viewed on the Greyhound Racing NSW website at

Submissions should be e-mailed to [email protected] faxed to 02 9764 6244 or mailed to:
Grading Policy Review
Greyhound Racing NSW
PO Box 170
Concord West NSW 2138

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