GRNSW Appoint NSW GAP Co-ordinator

GRNSWGreyhound () is pleased to announce the appointment of as the Program (GAP) Coordinator for New South Wales.

The appointment, which comes after an extensive recruitment process, is aimed at building on the
work done over the last ten years by the current volunteer GAP committee to grow the levels of
adoptions in the state and raise the profile of greyhound .

Lara Griffin comes to the role with strong experience in agriculture and which includes
a PhD in Animal Behaviour at the University of Sydney which she is about to complete.

Following the announcement, Mrs Griffin said she was looking forward to working with the existing
committee to further develop greyhound welfare practices in the state.

“I am very excited about working closely with everyone in the industry, especially the current GAP
committee. Expanding the program to include more volunteers and greater foster opportunities as
well as continuing to raise the profile of greyhounds in the community, will be key priorities,” Mrs
Griffin said.

The position of Greyhound Adoption Program Coordinator will lead the initiatives of GRNSW towards
promoting greyhound adoption and protecting the well-being of greyhounds at the conclusion of their
racing careers.

Mrs Griffin said that the new position would not just be all about increasing the adoption rate of
greyhounds but also changing the way people think about .

“At the moment when people look at getting a dog for the family they go through a list of breeds and I’ve never heard a person include greyhounds as a potential choice……I would like to see greyhounds being considered for pets more often.”

GRNSW Chief Executive said the appointment was a first step in developing a
greyhound welfare culture in NSW.

“Lara brings enormous credibility and vitality to the role and this will allow her to take leadership on
the issue and manage the process in a collaborative way to ensure a consistent and positive
approach to greyhound welfare.

“At the same time I want to pay tribute to the current GAP committee, who are all volunteers, for the
way in which they have built the program in NSW to its current position. The committee have also
been an integral part of this process in moving to a full time resource. We thank them for that and
trust that the program will now move forward strongly.”

GAP NSW President said the appointment of Lara Griffin to the role is an
endorsement of the work that the volunteer GAP program has already undertaken and another step
in the right direction for greyhound welfare in this state.

“GAP NSW has been involved in the process right from the beginning and now that Lara has been
appointed we can move forward quickly in developing programs to increase the adoption rates of
greyhounds into the community,” said Ms Wigney.

Lara Griffin will commence in her new position at GRNSW on Monday 12 May.

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