GRNSW forensic testing tender awarded to RASL

RACING Analytical Services Limited (RASL) have been awarded the tender for the provision of forensic testing services by Greyhound Racing (GRNSW) after a procurement process which was managed by Procure Group Pty Ltd.

RASL, which is accredited by the Association of Testing Authorities, currently provides forensic testing services for the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian, Northern Territory and greyhound racing industries as well as for the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian and Macau industries.

Forensic testing of NSW greyhound racing urine samples had previously been undertaken by the Australian Racing Forensics Laboratory, a department of , the chief authority for the sport of thoroughbred racing in NSW.

It is hoped that the appointment of RASL will strengthen GRNSW’s continued efforts to enhance within the greyhound racing industry within the state, with the facility able to comprehensively screen for thousands of different compounds and also test for a variety of performance enhancing biological substances such as peptides and .

A press release issued by GRNSW stated that RASL will also be working to identify emerging risks in the area of illicit substances as well as other factors which may impact the integrity of the industry as well as customer confidence in the betting product.

“Investing in its drug detection program to identify and prevent attempts to enhance or degrade greyhound performance in order to manipulate competition and wagering outcomes is just one of the many initiatives GRNSW has undertaken to boost integrity within the NSW greyhound racing industry,” the release said.

“Central to this is the recent release of GRNSW’s first ever Industry Supervision Strategy, which outlines the organisation’s regulatory purpose, strategic priorities and objectives in relation to industry supervision, as well as the supervisory activities the organisation will prioritise to achieve its desired regulatory outcomes.

“GRNSW has also established its intelligence and investigations teams to ensure it can identify and assess known and emerging risks and effectively target suspected non-compliance and wrongdoing. GRNSW’s investigations team consists of highly experienced former State and Federal Police detectives and is dedicated to investigating more serious non-compliance and alleged misconduct to safeguard animal welfare and secure industry integrity.”

Further to the RASL announcement, GRNSW also notified that consultancy group Sector Seven has been appointed to conduct an independent review into the stewarding functions of GRNSW.

The group has been given the task of identifying any deficiencies which exist within the current system of stewarding across TAB and non-TAB tracks within the state, in addition to enhancing the accountability and performance of GRNSW stewards.

To ensure their review is comprehensive, Sector Seven will be conducting widespread consultation including benchmarking stewarding activities across a multitude of Australian jurisdictions to identify the best practice.

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