GRNSW Lifts Mudgee Greyhound Club Suspension

() has advised the Mudgee & District Greyhound Racing Club that the suspension of its registration has been lifted, effective immediately.

The board of GRNSW suspended Mudgee’s registration in September after it became concerned about the club’s ongoing financial viability.

However, at a meeting on Tuesday 25 October the board received information from Mudgee of significant sponsorship pledged to the club, which was valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.

As a result, the board resolved to lift the suspension and reinstate the registration of the Mudgee Greyhound Racing Club.

Greyhound Chairman Professor AM stressed that while the sponsorship that has been promised is significant, Mudgee has yet to receive it.

“The GRNSW board reserve the right to review Mudgee’s registration and check that the money pledged has actually eventuated when the club is due to apply for its annual re-registration at the end of the year,” Professor Allan said.

“Should the sponsorship money that has been pledged not be forthcoming, Mudgee’s financial position may once again be in question.”

The lifting of the suspension will allow Mudgee to re-commence trialling im

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