GWIC internal investigation clears own staff of email misconduct

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In news that will shock no one, the Greyhound () has cleared all its own staff of any wrongdoing during an internal investigation into an email.

In early September, GWIC confirmed one of its own staff members was under internal investigation after having sent an “inappropriate” email. In stark contrast to matters of inquiry regarding participants, no other information regarding the staff member, their identity, or the content of the email was forthcoming.

At the time, a GWIC spokesperson said, “The Commission has confirmed that an investigation into an inappropriate email sent by a staff member of the Commission is underway. The investigation will determine whether any breaches of the Commission’s Code of Ethics & Conduct has occurred.

“The staff member involved has been informed that an investigation is underway, with procedural due process being afforded to that individual.

“No further information will be provided as the investigation is ongoing.”

At the time, said that the investigation would be a litmus test for GWIC’s approach to internal misconduct cases, as it represented the first time we can recall where the Commission has investigated one of its own.

That litmus test is in, and we’ll let our readers decide the outcome.

The brief GWIC statement on the outcome of the internal investigation reads:

“The Commission has conducted an investigation in relation to an internal email that contained allegations of impropriety and/or ineptitude and was subsequently made public. How the email entered the public domain is presently unknown.

The Commission’s investigation found that the allegations made in the email were not substantiated or supported by any evidence.

All Commission staff are subject to a strict Code of Ethics & Conduct, and the Commission is confident that its employees are serving the industry and community with the highest .”

The “nothing to see here” outcome of the GWIC internal investigation comes less than a week after GWIC CEO Judy Lind and GWIC Chief Steward Brett Day resigned. Day had held the position less than one month, having only started the Chief Steward’s role in September after departing Harness .

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9 months ago

I see. The email has been investigated and found to contain unsubstantiated allegations of impropriety and ineptitude, but the commission is confident this is serving the industry with the highest integrity and the employee concerned has behaved within the commission’s ” strict code of ethics and conduct”. That is some code of conduct. And this is an Integrity Commission?

9 months ago

They are a bunch of grots. They need to be investigated for the rubbish claims of being a welfare agency. There a close down crew. If they think your upset at something industry related they befriend you and do all sorts of sick shit to your dogs etc to try turn you anti.
That is an actual fact.

Get rid of these pricks before there’s no sport left.