ID Cards To Replace Certificates For NSW Greyhounds From 1st October 2011

As of 1 October 2011, Greyhound () will be replacing registration certificates with identification cards.

Owners should note that from 1 October 2011 greyhounds must be microchipped in order to be named and receive an identification card, as Marking of greyhounds in no longer occurs.

The last of GRNSW’s free Microchipping Sessions will be held during October 2011.

Participants are encouraged to take their unnamed and unchipped greyhounds along to one of GRNSW’s free Microchipping Sessions.

Participants should note that from 1 November 2011 there will be no Microchipping Sessions and that the following fees will be charged by GRNSW for any retrospective microchipping of unnamed and unchipped greyhounds:

Vets at TAB Tracks
Participants will be able to pay a fee to have their greyhound microchipped at a NSW TAB track before race meetings at a fee of $10 per greyhound.

Bookings for this service will be essential and will be taken online at the GRNSW ebsite and via phone by the Stewarding Department.

Property Visits
GRNSW will also conduct property visits to microchip greyhounds. The minimum call out fee for this service will be $100, which covers the cost of all microchipping materials, travel and one hour of labour. Additional labour above and beyond the first hour, should it be required, will be charged at $50 per half hour.

It should be noted that this is a flat fee structure that will be applicable to all participants across NSW.

Bookings for this service will be essential and will also be taken online at website and via phone by the Stewarding Department.

More detail on how to book these services will be made available on website towards the end of October 2011.

More Information
Normal ear branding and micro chipping of 12-16 week old puppies will remain the same, with no charges for this service.

Participants should note that greyhounds must be presented at microchipping sessions with their naming application or litter registration form.

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