Jeffrey Hanson Further Disqualified For 18 Months For Guarana Blaster Positive Swab

Just one week after receiving a three month disqualification for a variety offences, GRNSW have just advised of a further disqualification for a Caffeine positive swab in one of Jeffrey Hanson’s greyhounds.

This second recent and disqualification brings the total number Mr Hanson’s stewards inquiries and investigations to at least four, after a 2008 fine for abusing NSW stewards, and an earlier Caffeine positive swab inquiry this year in one of his greyhounds that his father took responsibility for.

Greyhound have finalised an inquiry into analysts’ reports that the urine sample taken from Notta Member after that greyhound won race two – the Betfair Maiden Heat Two – conducted by the GRC at Dapto on 21 March 2012 contained the Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline and .

Evidence was taken from trainer Jeffrey Hanson and Dr Adam Cawley the Science Manager of the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL). Written evidence was entered from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory, Racing Science Centre (QLD) and ARFL Senior Veterinarian Dr Craig Suann.

Evidence was given by Mr Hanson that he had administered a ‘Guarana Blaster’ to the greyhound Notta Member in the car park of the McDonalds restaurant that is located adjacent to the Dapto track. Mr Hanson advised Stewards that the ‘Guarana Blaster’ is a product that is meant for human consumption and was purchased by himself from a stall at a market.

Mr Hanson pleaded guilty to a charge under Greyhound Racing Rule 83 (2) (a) in that he presented Notta Member for the race in question not free of a prohibited substance as the urine sample taken from the greyhound was found to contain Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline and Paraxanthine.

After considering submissions on penalty Mr Hanson was disqualified for a period of 18 months.

In determining the penalty Stewards took into consideration Mr Hanson’s record in relation to this Rule over a six year involvement in the industry which includes a previous offence under the same Rule from October 2011, his personal circumstances, the nature of the substance involved (a stimulant with the potential to improve racetrack performance) including the time and place in which the substance was administered, the evidence from Dr Cawley that the level of the prohibited substance Caffeine found in this sample was three times higher than that of any other case he could refer to, previous penalties given to other persons in relation to the same Rule, and the effects that such findings have on the image of greyhound racing.

In addition to the penalty handed down to Mr Hanson, Stewards also gave further consideration to the penalty that was issued to Mr Hanson as a result of his guilty plea after his greyhound Defying Gravity returned a positive urine from the Betchoice Gardens meeting held on 1 October 2011. Such penalty was stayed in full by the Stewards on the condition that Mr Hanson did not breach the prohibited substance rules of greyhound racing for a further two years.

As Mr Hanson had failed to comply with the conditions of the stayed penalty Stewards determined to invoke the period of three months suspension and ordered that such suspension was to be served at the completion of his disqualification.

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Craig Jones
Craig Jones
7 years ago

Marc Williams

Craig Jones
Craig Jones
7 years ago

Marc Williams