Jimmy Magnisalis Is NSW’s Eighth Anabolic Steroid Positive Swab

NSW GHRRA Stewards have just announced the eighth confirmed positive swab to a banned Anabolic Steroid in a greyhound; and this time the trainer involved escaped with just a fine.

Jimmy Magnisalis, the trainer of Rocket Rudi who returned a positive swab to Hydroxystanozolol offered evidence that a veterinary treatment for “water diabetes” almost two months prior to the positive swab included an injection of Stanozol.

Mr Magnisalis supported that evidence with a statement from Hunter Valley Veterinarian Peter Yore that he did see Rocket Rudi and “treated that greyhound for for water diabetes on 11 August, 2008, injecting 1ml of Stanozol into the Greyhound together with other preparations”.

GHRRA Stewards intiated the inquiry as result of the positive finding of Hydroxystanozolol in the urine
sample take from Rocket Rudi when it competed at The Gardens on the 3rd October 2008. That day Rocket Rudi won a fifth grade 600m race by 0.5 length in 35.57, the best of the day.

Jimmy Magnisalis was charged with a breach of Rule 83(2)(a) in that he failed to present Rocket Rudi for racing drug free. In contrast to others who have appeared before the GHRRA Stewards on charges of positive swabs to Anabolic Steroids, he pleaded guilty to the charge.

After receiving submissions on penalty, Stewards fined him $1,500 for his breach.

When considering the penalty, NSW GHRRA Stewards took into account, amongst other matters, that Jimmy Magnisalis had acted on his Veterinarian’s advice.

Rocket Rudi was disqualified from the event.