John Cauchi banned for life by GRNSW

DISGRACED greyhound trainer John Cauchi has been banned for life by Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) for his part in the live baiting scandal.

Cauchi was one of the trainers caught on secret surveillance video live-baiting his greyhounds on the ABC’s infamous Four Corners program titled ‘Making A Killing’ which went to air in February 2015.

After the revelations, Cauchi was found guilty of a total of nine offences under both the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (NSW).

The offences, which occurred on January 29, 2015, and February 11, 2015, related to engaging in live baiting and the keeping of rabbits to be used for live baiting.

Cauchi is currently serving an 18 month custodial sentence with a non-parole period of nine months.

Cauchi was subsequently charged by GRNSW on April 15, 2016, with a breach of GAR 86B(1)(g), which relates to a person using or having in their possession any live animal, animal carcass or part of an animal which could be used in connection with greyhound racing.

Cauchi entered a guilty plea to the breach of GAR 86B(1)(g) on July 12, 2016.

Upon considering an appropriate penalty, stewards noted the starting point is a mandatory disqualification of 10 years.

However, stewards believed that the sport of greyhound racing should not be associated with persons engaging in live baiting and decided to implement a life ban from all aspects of greyhound racing.

As a result, John Cauchi has been warned off as of July 21, 2016.

Cauchi is set to be released on parole on December 31, 2016.

Past Discussion

  1. DaveSampson75  If you seriously think that sending an elderly man to prison for 18 months for killing rabbits is a joke then why don’t you go and do a few days in Long Bay and see how funny it is .You would be screaming for your Mother in five minutes and become hysterical when your pretty boy face caught the eye of a fellow inmate. You have no idea what goes on in prisons Dave and I hope you never do but if you do I can promise you funny does not describe the experience. 

  2. Deborah555 DaveSampson75 Any scumbag who ties live animals to a mechanical arm and watches as they are slowly tortured deserves everything he gets. If you’re expecting an ounce of sympathy for this dirtbag from me, you are sadly mistaken. He is lower than a piece of dirt.

  3. DaveSampson75 Deborah555 He killed rabbits Dave get a grip on yourself or maybe you already have. Millions of them die a slow and painful death every day from viruses introduced by people. Should we send the scientists who developed this biological control and released it into the environment to prison. And think very carefully about that one Dave because I have predicted your answer and have the reply ready to go.

    What about murderers of people Dave got any views on that?

  4. DaveSampson75 

    So tell me Dave, the scum that filmed and watched thousands of live animals get torn apart, what do you say to them? Bravo?

  5. No SAV DaveSampson75 lol, equating viruses as the same level as some bogan tying to a live animal to an arm to get torn apart just so he can get his rocks off … whatever. Defend a criminal all you like, he’s behind bars which is exactly where he deserves to be. Umm, yeah I dont like murderers (what a daft and stupid question).

    No Sav – Oh they were supposed to say – Dont do that. So they would have no evidence and this guy would have tortured many more animals by getting off scot free. The people who filmed these dirtbags deserve a medal.

  6. No SAV More than one or two people have written to me and said that they used to be pro greyhound racing, but after seeing the arguments Ive put forward have now joined the ban camp.

  7. No SAV Change his name …. wander into Vic, away we go. You think they have the resources to check every Tom, Dick and Harry. They’ll welcome him with open arms.

  8. No SAV Well considering horse racing is being kept on while the greyhounds are being thrown to the dogs, I put it to you that those in greyhound racing have no idea of the rules either.

  9. DaveSampson75 No SAV The irony in the live baiting footage is that at the time that the Four Corners program was screened, Mosman & Warringah Shire Councils, the area where Baird lives, gained permission to have a rabbit ‘cull’ because the pesky little critters were ruining resident’s gardens.  Poison of choice?  The Calici Virus, which causes internal bleeding and guarantees a slow death.  The baiting was laid by the National Parks & Wildlife Service.  

    RSPCA contacted and advised that it was a ‘licensed’ cull and so could do and say nothing about it.

    No hue & cry by the activists.  Of course not.  No greyhounds involved.

  10. DaveSampson75  So you are trying to convince people here that you have converted Greyhound people to be anti because of your highly intelligent reasoning????

    You are a goose.

  11. DaveSampson75  Just a few bad eggs, Davey. You know, even in anti land there are people that are a little wayward, aren’t there.

    A bit grubby, lie a little, film animals being SLAUGHTERED(so much for their voice), and all that stuff. Then there are the ones like you who have no life, lonely people who have lost there way to the anti sites because no-one loves them. Aaaah, life’s a bitch sometimes. How’s Mungbean going?

  12. DaveSampson75  No, talk sense. They filmed for OVER 3 MONTHS, there is no defense of the prolonged destruction allowed by these saviours. That is directly against the belief they try and instill in people for monetary gain. Don’t try to justify an act of treason! What? Weren’t they sure they were alive? Did they think they were stuffed toys and had to film for 3 months to make sure?!? They are hypocrites of the highest extreme and you know it. Which would make you a hypocrite yourself, therefore all credibility goes out the window. They should be locked up with the trainer to sort it out.

  13. BJoe DaveSampson75 No SAV  So from now on I will have to call him not just Baird the Brumby Killer but Baird the Brumby and Bunny Killer.

  14. DaveSampson75 No SAV  The animal activists have just taken on the dogs because it is a small group if they can pick them off they will then move onto the horses. The argument there is too much money in the horses might become mute when picture of foals shot and horses lungs exploding and 400 horses being put through a regional abbatoir start appearing and then what no pets, no guide dogs? Yes the fanatical animal activists want to push their agenda as far as they can only because they “love animals” it is nothing to do  with their belief they have every right to tell everyone on the planet what to do.

  15. Ding Dong Don’t Shoot the Messenger .GRNSW  2013-14 received confirmation for the RSPCA NSW that there is currently no evidence or investigation to  suggest wide spread acts of animal cruelty are occurring in the Greyhound industry in NSW ,now it was reported by RSPCA after the first  7.30 report From the ABC with Mr Humphries making certain allegations  to the media when ask  by grnsw to discuss these allegation with grnsw   he declined.  This came from a article in the Telegraph how GRNSW and the RSPCA were working together on animal welfare,  who’s kidding who ? The rspca and national parks and wildlife have licence to cull and so do abattoirs  it sinks of hypocrisy at all levels Now what about the person who created some of these animal activist groups believes that having sex with a animal is ok  how sick are these bastards and I’am not talking about the lead SINGER in the Group called the Animals.

  16. That’s right Dave he has done his time and if he is silly enough to do it again, then after due process he is again found guilty then he can be sent back to prison. He will not be welcomed with open arm he gets too many winners.