Lithgow Greyhounds Take A Hit

Lithgow Greyhound Clubs Burnt Out Water Truck
Lithgow Clubs Burnt Out Water Truck
Lithgow greyhound club was the victim of a vandalism attack which saw hoodlums break in to the track before stealing the water tanker and crashing it through gates before setting it alight.

According to Lithgow Mercury’s Len Ashworth, the Bedford five tonne truck was fitted with a water tank and used to dampen and groom the track at the Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club.

During Sunday night hoodlums broke into the greyhound track and stole the truck, escaping the area by crashing the vehicle through the gates at the Union Street entrance.

From there they have driven to Blast Furnace Park where they have rammed the truck through a low level boom gate between the public car park and the open area overlooking Lake Pillans wetlands.

In the next stage of their rampage they set fire to the truck and allowed the blazing vehicle to roll down the steep slope where it came to rest among thick at the edge of the wetlands.

The cabin of the truck was gutted and a small area of the rushes burnt out.

The incidents at the greyhound track and at Lake Pillans took place only a short distance from homes but apparently no one reported seeking or hearing anything.

Police are continuing investigations into the incident are seeking public assistance in identifying the culprits, but it is definitely a set back for a country club that survives largely due to the support of its members.

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