Mark Bell To Face Inquiry Over Catching Pen “Incident” At Wentworth Park Trial Session

have just released details of an upcoming in to an “incident” in the greyhound track catching pen after a trial session at the track on Tuesday 8th June 2010.

Stewards have instructed New South Wales greyhound trainer to appear before them on Monday 21st June 2010 in relation to the inquiry.

A number of Wentworth Park track employees have also been asked to attend, although GRNSW Stewards have failed to name those required.

The timing of this announcement should serve as a warning to the gravity of the offence being inquired in to.

There is an unwritten law in public relations that if you have something “bad” to announce, it is always best to release it on a afternoon, in the hope people might be less inclined to still be discussing it by the Monday. The rule works even more so when you release the information prior to a long weekend.

Unfortunately if this inquiry uncovers what some people say might have occurred in catching pen; then the seriousness of the situation will not fade quickly for either Bell or GRNSW.

In the future though, it might pay dividends to follow Bell’s runners engaged at Wentworth Park on Monday night. has box five in race five, and Persuade and Kez And Col both contest race seven from three and four.

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