Moree & Forbes Greyhound Clubs On The Chopping Block

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) announced an unpleasant surprise for both Moree and Forbes Greyhound Racing Clubs on Christmas Eve.

Both clubs have not had their licences renewed for the 2010 calendar year yet, and Moree has been asked to show cause.

Is with recent closures in Queensland, a “show cause” notice is as a good as terminal bout of cancer, few comback from it.

The Moree Club has been asked to “show cause” as to why it should be registered in 2010 on the
basis that it is financially viable to participate in the greyhound industry. The club has now been given just 14 days to respond by supplying complete financial information that demonstrates their financial viability.

Consequently the proposed race meeting scheduled for Moree on Friday 1st January 2010 has been cancelled.

Consideration of the Forbes application has been deferred until audited financial statements for the
2008/09 financial year have been received by GRNSW.

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Merv Pratt
Merv Pratt
11 years ago

I’ve been in the Greyhound racing Industry for over 30 years and have been racing at Moree constantly over these years. I now live in QLD and still travel to support the Moree track. The closest track to where I live is Ipswich which is TAB. If my dog is not good enough for TAB then I would have to tavel to the closest QLD country track which is Bunderburg. Moree is a lot closer and I and i’m sure other owners and trainers depend on non TAB tracks like Moree and Forbes. In my years of racing at Moree… Read more »