Mudgee Greyhounds Shutdown By Greyhound Racing New South Wales

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has advised the Mudgee Greyhound Racing Club that its registration as a race club has been suspended.

All future race dates scheduled for Mudgee have been cancelled until further notice.

Trialling at the Mudgee greyhound track is also not permitted whilst the club is suspended.

The Board of GRNSW recently sent Mudgee a notice asking the club to ‘Show Cause’ as to why their registration should not be suspended based on their ongoing financial viability.

The Board was concerned about the club’s inability to meet minimum prizemoney requirements in recent years and their consequent loss-making operations.

The Board of GRNSW was not satisfied with the response received from Mudgee and so decided to suspend the club until it could demonstrate that it was financially sustainable and could meet minimum industry operating standards.

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