Munro believes a win in by-election could save greyhound racing

ORANGE City Councillor Scott Munro has asked for the support of the local greyhound racing industry approaching the by-election in November, having left the National Party and re-branded himself as an independent in the wake of the NSW greyhound racing ban.

If he is to be successful on the second Saturday in November, it will mark the first occasion the seat of Orange has not been filled by a National Party member in over six decades.

Munro believes his public support for the greyhound industry damaged his chance against Nationals candidate Scott Barrett at the party’s preselection last month.

However, he said his loss had nothing to do with leaving the party, instead calling into question the direction of the Nationals under the leadership of Troy Grant.

“The Baird and Grant Government has gone too far to the left for me, they have got tinges of green all over them at the moment,” Munro told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“It was a difficult decision for me to make because I am an old fashioned country-party type of person, but I made the decision because I want to be able to stick up for the dogs.”

Munro believed Grant’s decision to back Baird’s ban was selling out the interests of regional communities and the fundamental beliefs of the National Party.

“The decision to ban greyhound racing doesn’t just contradict the core values of the Nationals Party, it goes completely against them,” Munro said.

“My decision to leave isn’t a reflection on the National Party itself, it’s about the leader.

“If we had a strong leader who stuck up for regional communities and told the Liberal Party that what they were planning to do wasn’t going to happen because it goes against what we stand for as a party then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

“It’s not just an issue about the dogs, it’s about the people – the farmers and those on the land – who are thinking ‘gee it’s the greyhounds now, it’s going to be my cattle next’.

“Where are they going to stop?”

Munro said a win in the by-election would have a major impact, claiming that it could even be enough to stop the ban.

“If I am elected as the Member of this area through the support of people who are passionate about the dogs and anti-amalgamation, it will send a powerful message to the Government.

“It’s not going to change Government, this seat, because it is only a by-election, but it will change people’s opinions.

“If the Nationals were to lose this seat after 65 years, I can guarantee that there would be a lot of discussion and more than likely a vote of no confidence in the Deputy Premier.

“If it gets to November 12 and I win I am telling you positively [the Nationals] will change their minds [on the greyhound ban].

“They would call for a change of policy on the dogs and try to win back the people before the next election.

“The industry would be saved.”

Munro says to achieve this goal he needs the support of all participants, not just those in the local area, and is hoping to have trainers representing him at all polling booths within the electorate.

He is also hoping any clubs and organisations in support of his endeavour can provide financial assistance to fund his campaign.

“I want to represent those people within the greyhound industry who do the right thing – they deserve representation because they are good people.

“It’s just a matter of getting the support so I can fight.”

Past Discussion

  1. How can you trust these blokes who parade as a Independents, he has told us  “If it gets to November 12 and he wins “Ia’m  telling you POSITIVELY  (THE NATIONALS ) will change the minds on the Greyhounds .  Well Mr Munro if they where so concern about their seats they would have crossed the FLOOR BY NOW  and that hasn’t happen  and their Polling has suggested they will lose their seats Now if a election was held tomorrow.The Trouble is with Mr Munro wants us to support him when he’s running each / way  ONE day A National next Day a Independent  they tend to do this because they can not get endorsement from their Party. Sorry seen all of these people try  this game before move from jumper to another ,wake up Participants its a con !

  2. Todman I hope the Shooters Fishers & Farmers stand  a candidate, up to date they have supported the Greyhound Participants 100% with the Fight against Liberal/ National Coalition band on Greyhound Racing NSW  we must vote for the ones that support us, not the ones that are killing off Dogs.

  3. Don’t you just love the line!”Ouote” If the National were to lose this seat after 65 years ,I can “guarantee” that there would be a lot of discussion and more likey a VOTE of No Confidence in the Deputy leader TROY GRANT he’s talking like a NAT not a independent ?

  4. Three Nationals crossed the floor,  One National, One Liberal,abstain from the vote and thirteen National Voted to Shut down Greyhound Racing here in NSW  like all people effected by this, these Nationals will be looking for a new way of life in the coming years ! Good luck at the next election  for  The Australian Sport & Racing Party

  5. BobWhitelaw BOB….

    in short,why not have mass scratchings from now on in,just to stop the NSW government getting there share of turnover/or the majority of ewhat they would normally have got.

    they are restricting flow of normal trade as it is,so why not hit back at them where it hurts them and have mass scratchings at all dog venues.

    some will say I may as well get what I can from the industry,but you cannot have it both ways. with what power you have left,you may as well fight back the best way you can.

    I doubt the supreme court approach is going to do any better than what confronts them now,and relying on turning over the governemnet in 2019 is also a long shot,so get at them now.

    a mass gathering also of other groups,not only dog people, need to gather and march on a continual basis to BAIRDS front door,and harass and harass until people see what a dictator this guy. so many residents have been badly harmed by his slash and grab techniques,and eventually his Achilles will show up…….and that is when the people of NSW need to attack and kill his theories of governance.

    so many people I read about up there doing it hard because of his antics,need to stop whingeing and start doing,and that includes the dogs people.

    need a mathematician to work out the best way to harm TAB turnover,but if you have a NSW/TAB ACCOUNT, move it across to another


    tracks were discussed as possible closures. others were to be centers of excellence. is that right NEWSON? liar.

    I agree,that some need to go. we have to adjust and develop better class tracks than some we have,as long as the centers of excellence tracks are positioned to do as least harm to those who will face closiure as far as travelling etc; goes.

    has to happen. and again, look at straight racing. look real deep and hard into it.

  7. Thank you Chris, Katrina and Kevin the only people looking after the people who elected them and having the courage and foresight to do the right thing.

  8. dogem53 As the saying goes when the going gets tough, the tough get going !  and we need to protect our assets  our dogs and our tracks that Baird can not get his dirty little hands on !  I’am pleased to see Chris, Kartina, and the mighty man of principle  Kevin Humphries have a conscience and voted that way.

  9. BobWhitelaw you got a lot to say well here one answer from a orange person! I’m a labour voter but labour got two chance of winning Orange  and there both very bad Scott Munro maybe a nat in sheep clothing but he’s for greyhound, and racing . not following a party line  and better still he’s a local that live here or about all his live, THE last really nat member we had from here was Gary West. I may still vote labour but Scott Munro will be second on my voting paper.

  10. Yes James i do  15 years of bullshit from conservative politicians as long as there has been a coalition the NATS have been dragged around by the collar and lead by the LIBS and neglecting the bush, see James my business is about to go down the drain and sadly its a business that totality relies on Greyhound Racing . My business is also my residence in a little township just outside Cessnock with a population of around 300 residents with 3 locals employed on a causal full time basis ,so James i’am very angry with whats gone down with the Greyhound Industry here in NSW. I under stand your thoughts re the people of Orange and i’am not pissing in you pocket but Orange is one of the most beautiful towns in NSW and i did love racing there and its has been hammered by successive Governments. I once  was a member of the Labor party and President of the Kurri Kurri Branch, but my calls to the hierarchy  about the Greyhound industry were ignored  so i resigned and to tell you the LIBS and NATS were no different. So i looked for political party that was prepared to listen to the battler,and through a former work mate he arranged a meeting with Robert Borsak of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party ,  Now i don’t own a gun, i don’t fish but in some way i’am a farmer .This meeting with Borsak was a i opener he admitted that he had never seen a greyhound race which shocked me completely. Borask said to us you people are going have to educate me with the Greyhound Industry and from that day on he gave us a 100% commitment to Greyhound Industry here in NSW, and he put together The Select Committee Together to look into the Greyhound Industry I joined the S.F&FP. James if you believe that Scott Munro is candid ,direct ,honest,sincere and straight-forward that he’s for the Greyhound industry vote for him ,Now in a seat just across from Orange in Dubbo the member there once stated he was 100% behind the Greyhound Industry  and look what happened ! I hope for the sake of the the Industry the Nats get smashed in Orange at by election because they need a big kick up the arse for what they have done to the battler in the bush. Good  Luck James.

  11. BobWhitelaw I’m not part of greyhound racing but family are and I’ve being around greyhounds all my 52 years but  Scott Munro is a butcher has family in trotting and does not just follow someone else . He know if you let animal right in the door they will not stop still we are all vegan . I may still vote labour but that depends on who labour and  Scott Munro gives their  second vote to for now all I can really say is that greens, nat and lib will go last.