New Administrator appointed for GRNSW shutdown

JOHN Gibbons has been announced as the Administrator of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) and will manage the transition towards closure for both the governing body and the affected clubs.

Gibbons brings more than four decades of experience in corporate recovery and restructuring to the role, with the NSW government confident he has the necessary skills to undertake the complex task of shutting down greyhound racing within the state.

A Director of Corporate Recovery at Bentleys with extensive experience in receivership and administration, Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant said Gibbons’ skills will be valuable for his upcoming role.

“As Administrator of GRNSW, he will oversee the continuing operation of the industry until 1 July 2017 including scheduling race meetings, stewarding and compliance,” he said.

Among Gibbons’ past roles, he conducted the complex scheme administration of New Cap Reinsurance Corporation and an investigation into former insurance giant HIH.

Gibbons will now work towards developing and implementing a business plan for the winding up of the greyhound industry and GRNSW. The business plan will be flagged to be released publicly and provide detailed guidance on measures to manage the industry’s business and regulatory functions throughout the closure.

Greyhounds Transition Taskforce Co-ordinator General Dr John Keniry will continue to develop a transition package to assist industry participants throughout and after the shutdown.

Troy Grant also thanked outgoing Interim CEO of GRNSW, Paul Newson, for his management of the industry over the past 18 months.

Past Discussion

  1. We must focus on Orange By Election, i’am taking  up a 12 seat mini bus to work on the booths. Baird and Grant have already  lost a lot of skin, this By election ITS TIME to make them bleed !


    there will be no compensation. it is written into that BILL that was RUSHED so quickly through,even when the GOVERNOR GENERAL was away on business. DUNC GRAY got it signed off by the GG’s assistant(all legal) so that says enough.

    I wrote before that BAIRD promised a compensation to USA investors on the mine deal that EDDIE OBEID and others were involved in. it let them hang on for ages,before announcing………NO COMPENSATION. that’s it.

    don’t fool yourselves this Jonah will pay any compensation. his record,and current delusional state,supports me.

  3. Its official that Keniry is not officially in charge of the Transition part of the industry! Newson is still steering the Ship. In other news Nats party meeting today former member of Clarence  Steve Cansdell resign from the National Party , he stated he couldn’t support a party that has betrayed the Greyhound  industry .

  4. BobWhitelaw see. see what I been saying. he was a stupid fumbling oaf. he had no idea how to set questions,reply to questions,because he was a front.

    I say this. unless MALCOLM TURNBULL wakes up today and see his LIBERAL PARTY group is under immense pressure,state by state,he will fall on his own sword. PETA CREDLIN is hinting that since ABBOTT was removed, TURNBULL has achieved….ZILCH. and that is in just 12 months.the LIBERALS are in real strife,and if he wants to turn it around OVERNIGHT,he can act on RULE 122 and call BAIRD in for a chit chat and force him to reverse ALL decisions,not just the greyhound issue. he made a brash comment about BAIRDS decision being a knee jerk reaction,well now is the time to straighten the knee out,and use the entire leg to kick BAIRD fair and square up the butt and come into line.

    I am so surprised pressure has not  been placed on TURNBULL as yet,even  though it is a STATE problem, BAIRD is driving the image down. failure is the only answer.

  5. Visited the RSPCA Pound on Friday while there viewing dogs housed together ,i ask one of the workers there why are these dogs doubled up in these jail like cells ! she told I, we are above the capacity at the moment . WHEN ASK ABOUT EUTHANASIA  i was hit with the line (I KNOW NOTHING) We in the greyhound industry are bound by regulation on how we house  our dogs its apparent the RSPCA don’t .Foot note 3 greyhound there, out of over 100 dogs and this mob is making Millions and don’t pay one cent in TAX and dictate to the people of NSW .  This MOB need to fall into line like the rest of us have to do wake up Baird and Grant, you two are being conned.The rate payers of LGA area’s are paying  top money to house these unwanted dogs and have no say in what happens to them, to put it in simple terms ITS A RACKET Taking place 

  6. BobWhitelaw BOB….you should have snuck in a camera and sent to ABC. and AA. they love those sorts of dramatic images.

    as for the RSPCA,they have lost the path of why they were created in the first place. the ACTIVIST crap they have got involved in has sullied there reputations,and this new wave leadership group they have now,are to busy paying enormous wages to those at the top,than animal welfare control.

    to get involved in closing down a business, an animal business,to appease those groups who have also lost their direction on what there agenda was designed for,says it all.

    this country is f….. and there is no other word for it. we are the weakest country for democratic rights(do they really exist?)in the entire world,and we are a disgrace to other countries.

    politically, we are a mess. change our PM every year nearly. where is direction in that? grubs,the whole world is full of filthy grubs.

    ABC, do yourselves a favour,and look into RSPCA. you will have a bigger story than any greyhound incident. and follow up with PETA and GREY2K and then tell the real people of this country,that we are wrong and they are right. dare ya.

  7. BobWhitelaw  Yes it is hypocrisy of the highest order for the CEO of the RSPCA and one of its scientific officers (vet at the commission) to loudly and proudly support banning racing which will result in large numbers of greyhounds being handed in when people can no longer afford to feed them. If you only have a couple or maybe  few you can keep them but the dogs in the bigger kennels are doomed. The argument “if the greyhound people loved them they would keep them” is of course bullshit it does not matter how much you love 30 dogs without racing income you simply cannot afford to feed them. They are already full and they support a move to put even more dogs on death row. They should lock all these supporters of this move in a kennel ( 3 to a kennel) and then see if anyone wants to adopt them. Animals Australia would not come to their rescue they would just film them and make people” aware” The rest of the fanatics, well they don’t love animals they just hate people, so they would leave them there as well. Yes maybe they should let the dogs out to run NSW and put the people stuffing it up on dog death row.

  8. tell me what’s wrong with this scenario…..



    what am I missing here?

  9. dogem53 Baird this morning using taxpayers money to boost his popularity by offering ,000,000.00 reward for information on the disappearance of William Tyrrell, although a good thing.

    We cannot relax.   Cunning bastard.

  10. lone widow dogem53  Yes he’s very busy throwing money at the peasants. Childcare costs down, this reward (and I agree a good thing) what a pity his concern for children didn’t extend to maintaining hospital gas lines before everyone told him he was an arsehole and they were not going to vote for him next election. Could have saved a little baby from dying and another beautiful little girl from damage that will affect her forever.

    I bet he was hoping to save that money for closer to the next election must be worried despite his claims. He is a cunning bastard but I think a lot of what he has done is unforgivable and not just the dogs his stuff ups are too numerous to list. And don’t worry I am not here relaxing my email campaign is still going strong and I will continue to inform them.

  11. Deborah555 BobWhitelaw Yeah Deb, I remember my Dad saying its good having a handy dog in your kennel , he earns enough to feed the other slow ones in the kennel and many trainers have done the same for many years and still do.

  12. BobWhitelaw Deborah555  Bob I think that’s how everyone’s kennel runs except the “top” trainers who just take the “top” dogs and get all the press.

    The rest of us just want enough so that all of our dogs are well fed and looked after including our old ones and if there’s any money left over well we spend it on the dogs anyway. I don’t know too many dog trainers out to make themselves rich or famous.