NSW GHRRA Approves National Race Rule Ammendments

The Authority approved the following Rule Amendments, adopted by , effective 1st January 2009.

The Rule Amendments relate to :

  • Add definition of Prohibited Substance and substitute “drug” with “prohibited substance” within the
  • Add definitions of “exempted substance”
  • Delete the Rules for Hurdle Racing
  • Amend Rule 60(2) to read “The timing of runners in an Event shall be determined using electronic timing”
  • Delete “No appeal shall lie in respect of an order made pursuant to this Rule” in Rule 71
  • New Rule 105(A) regarding a reportable disease
  • Add and amend Rule 136(3) and (4) regarding “Doubt of Identity/Parentage”
  • Add Rule 86(ah) which relates to an offence for a registered person to associate with a disqualified person for the purposes of Greyhound Racing

A complete copy of the Rules will be available on the Authority’s Website www..nsw.gov.au
on the effective date of these changes viz 1 January, 2009.

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