NSW Government Approval For GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets Program

Greyhound ’s program has been officially approved by the NSW State Government as the first Greyhound Re-Training Program.

The approval means Greyhounds As Pets can now re-train retired racing greyhounds in order for them to be assessed for muzzle exemptions through the Greenhounds program. Suitable
greyhounds can then be made available for re-homing with green collars.

The not for profit initiative coordinated by GRNSW is in its fourth year and has already provided new homes for hundreds of retired greyhounds.

GRNSW Chief Executive said the approval will allow for an increase in the number of greyhounds re-homed.

“The approval is a significant step forward for Greyhounds As Pets and their ability to re-home as many greyhounds as possible following the correct re-training procedures,” Mr Hogan said.

“As an approved Greyhound Re-Training Program, Greyhounds As Pets can now present prospective families a greyhound that has gone through all official re-training tests and one that is
muzzle free.

“This will in turn assist the continual improvement of the image of greyhounds and the general public’s feelings towards owning and being around a greyhound.”

Details of all Approved Programs will be available on the Greenhounds website and profiles of greyhounds that are available for re-homing with muzzle exemptions will also be advertised at

Greyhounds as Pets is a not for profit initiative coordinated by . It aims to provide families with a pet that is ideally suited to their needs while giving those greyhounds not suited to racing, or ready to complete their life as an athlete, a new home.

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